Get to Know Your Men’s Liberty Customer Care Specialist

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For Men’s Liberty converts, one of the most important people they will meet on their journey is their Customer Care Specialist. Men’s Liberty has a dedicated staff who will answer questions, get your first order started, troubleshoot problems, and help you and your caregivers get the most out of Men’s Liberty. Once you’re set up, you’ll catch up every three months when you place your new order.

Over the years, some amazing relationships are built. This relationship is so critical. So we wanted to take a quick moment to introduce you to some members of your Customer Care team. We’ll run this as an ongoing series. And we invite you all to chime in with your stories in the comments section!

Men's Liberty Customer Care Team

Today, we’ll focus on a guy most Men’s Liberty customers will speak to at least every three months, Cory Slocum (the one in the front with the red striped shirt).

Cory is our retention specialist. This means he works with men who already use Liberty, or their caregivers, to make sure they don’t experience any  problems and to assist with placing re-orders. Cory is a Men’s Liberty expert who has worked with the company since 2007, first as a health care professional outreach specialist and then as a dedicated member of our customer care team.

Cory works with hundreds of our customers to ensure that they get their product every 30, 60 or 90 days. He can connect you with distributors from all across the country to get your product delivered to your door right on time! He is also an amazing resource for those of you with questions about the Men’s Liberty product.

“I pride myself on helping our customers stay dry, clean, comfortable, and get their dignity back. The stories I have heard over the years from these same guys, and what they have gone through with previous methods that are out there, simply breaks my heart at times. I have built some great relationships, and look forward to making many, many more.”

A few words from our customers…

“Thank you for your call today, and for your years of helpful service. You have made working with Men’s Liberty a pleasure. I look forward to your calls, and appreciate you (and Men’s Liberty!) very much. Thank you!!”  ~Jean A.

“Thank you, Cory and Men’s Liberty, for all the assistance provided to us over the year or so that Harry used the product successfully. In that respect they made his last year so much easier.” Sandra S.


Do you have a story about Cory or another Men’s Liberty team member you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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