More Than The Jitters: How Caffeine Could Be Causing Your Male Urinary Incontinence

caffeine and urinary incontinence

Ah, the wonders of coffee. A good cup of latte or Frappuccino can make you feel awake, energized, and happier. It can also make you feel a strong urge to urinate! Researchers have found that the amount of caffeine found in 2 cups of coffee can significantly increase your risk of developing male urinary incontinence.

If you have been struggling with unintentional urine leakage, reducing your caffeine intake may help. As reported by Reuters, there is a correlation between caffeine consumption and male urinary incontinence.

As some of the premier partners in helping men battle male urinary incontinence, Men’s Liberty is here to shed more light on the problematic link between caffeine and male urinary incontinence.

How Caffeine can Contribute to Male Urinary Incontinence

Our country is obsessed with caffeine, be it coffee, tea, or energy drinks. Nearly 90% of Americans drink some form of caffeine every single day. What’s worse is, some don’t even realize it!

For example, many people don’t know that green tea, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and chocolate-flavored ice creams also contain caffeine.

And in case you didn’t know, caffeine is a diuretic and bladder irritant. If you are a man who is already going through the motions of aging, and you consume a lot of caffeine every day, there is a very high chance you’ll develop urinary incontinence in your 60s or 70s (if not sooner).

Caffeine has also been found to induce urge incontinence more than other types of urinary incontinence. Urge incontinence refers to the condition where you suddenly feel the urge to pee, seemingly out of nowhere. And before your brain can even register this urge or you can find the nearest bathroom, your bladder releases the urine.

Since caffeine is a diuretic, it also increases the amount of urine created by your kidneys. A diuretic can be a good thing if you have a strong bladder and you’re looking to reduce the bloating. But a leaky bladder can get worse due to the consumption of diuretics.

male urinary incontinencecaffeine and urinary incontinence

Coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages are considered diuretics, as they force your system to flush all the water out.

What to Do?

Consider eliminating caffeine from your diet, or at least cut back as much as possible. Instead, drink water or water flavored with fresh fruits to stay hydrated. If you feel that caffeine is the only way to combat drowsiness or lethargy, it is possible that you are deficient in important vitamins and minerals but always consult with a physician to inquire about remedies to alleviate difficulties with alertness or sleepiness that may be the result of a micro-nutrient-related deficiency.

caffeine and urinary incontinence

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