How can you manage incontinence while in cancer treatment?

incontinence while in cancer treatment

Certain kinds of cancer, such as prostate, and cancer treatments like radiation, surgery and chemotherapy increase the risk of incontinence. Managing incontinence while in cancer treatment can feel daunting. It can be helpful to keep some perspective.

Can you manage incontinence while in cancer treatment?

The vast majority of men will regain full control of their bladders. 

Talk with your doctor

As you consider cancer treatment options, talk with your doctor about rates of bladder control recovery among other patients. Your doctor should be able to help you understand how treatment will impact your urinary system and what you can expect in the near and short term. If you are not able to get clear answers, talk with another healthcare provider. Your doctor may also prescribe medication or suggest lifestyle changes that improve incontinence symptoms.

Consider physical therapy

A physical therapist can help you learn to do Kegel exercises effectively. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and can improve the symptoms of incontinence. The therapist may also use biofeedback to help you isolate and control the muscles that hold urine.

Take advantage of good days

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