How often do catheters need to be changed?

How often do catheters need to be changed?

There are several types of catheters with varying change times. Men’s Liberty only needs to be changed daily and provides worry-free protection for up to 24 hours. If you have urinary retention in most cases your bladder needs to be emptied every 4-6 hours. Patients that use self-catheterization must be done first thing in the morning, several times a day and right before bed. Most traditional balloon catheters need to be changed every couple of months at your urologist.

If you use catheters or guards to control leaking urine or urge incontinence, then more options are available and it could be time to try Men’s Liberty. Urinary incontinence should not keep you from your active life. Enjoy the freedom and confidence to do what you love with Men’s Liberty. Men’s Liberty provides worry-free protection for up to 24-hours. Go ahead and get that game or meeting in. There’s no need to change throughout the day.

You’re in charge

If you’re a man experiencing urinary incontinence, you may be wondering how you can reclaim your vitality and dignity. Men’s Liberty was designed with your needs in mind. We know you don’t want to deal with embarrassing adult diapers or worry about accidents. You want to feel like yourself and have the freedom to do what you want without fear of odors or leaks. Men’s Liberty lets you stay in charge.

Men’s Liberty is easy to apply and gives you peace of mind

It’s easy to get comfortable with using Men’s Liberty. Once you do, you can apply Men’s Liberty in about two minutes. Apply after your morning shower and feel confident all-day. Men’s Liberty is comfortable, skin-friendly and will not pop-off. Remember when you didn’t have to worry about where the bathroom was, how quickly you could get there or if today would be the day you had an accident? Using Men’s Liberty means you can experience that kind of freedom again. Get back to enjoying what you are doing instead of agonizing about the possibility of an accident.

Provides secure protection for up to 24 hours

Men’s Liberty offers discreet, secure protection. No one can tell you are using Men’s Liberty, not even if you’re wearing golf shorts. Travel by car or plane for hours and stay dry without bulky pads. Simply empty Men’s Liberty when it is convenient for you. Men’s Liberty is designed so that other guys won’t even notice at the urinal. Our unique external collection system carries virtually no risk of rash or infection, so you feel your best, too.

Convenient for caregivers, too as catheters need to be changed only daily

Men’s Liberty also makes managing incontinence easy for caregivers. Apply once daily and say good bye to bedtime accidents and extra laundry duties. No matter the man’s level of mobility, Men’s Liberty helps to protect his dignity. Leaks and accidents can be a thing of the past. For added capacity you can attach to a leg beg during the day and a bed bag at night to sleep worry free without frequent trips to the bathroom.

If you’re ready for a convenient way to manage urinary incontinence, count on Men’s Liberty. Our unique system provides up to 24-hours of worry free wear time. Apply Men’s Liberty once daily and get back to your active lifestyle with confidence. Call us today to learn