How to Apply An External Catheter

External catheters are easy to use. With Men’s Liberty you can apply the external catheter and achieve a secure seal in just a few minutes, regardless of the size of your anatomy. Use the following tips and instructions to apply an external catheter for up to 24 hours of worry free wear day or night.

How to Apply An External Catheter

Start with a non-moisturizing soap to easily apply an external catheter

Use a mild cleanser such as Ivory or gold bar Dial soap to prepare the skin. Soaps without moisturizers are best because they will not reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. Our skin friendly, secure adhesive protects you against irritation. Avoid using moisturizing soaps or lotions on or around the penis or hands when applying the Men’s Liberty external catheter. Be sure your skin is completely dry before beginning application.

No need to measure

No need to worry about getting the right size. Men’s Liberty is designed to fit men of all sizes. Our system also works for men with circumcised and retracted penises.

Place the catheter

Apply the catheter to the head of the penis. Men’s Liberty is designed for successful use whether or not you have been circumcised, and regardless of size. Follow these steps:

Wash the penis thoroughly with non-moisturizing soap (we recommend Ivory or Gold Dial Gold bar).

Dry the penis completely and apply BioPlus+ wipe. Allow 20 seconds for the skin to dry.

Position Men’s Liberty so that the vent is facing up. Align the center opening of the circular tube and petals with your urinary opening.

Remove release papers around the petals and attach the faceplate to the tip of the penis. The center opening should be directly in line with the urinary opening. Smooth down the petals.

Position the faceplate strip under the tip of the penis and center in the middle. Remove the adhesive backing and ensure the edge is over both the end of the clear circular tube and the tip of the penis.

Wrap the strip around each side taking care that it remains flat and smooth. Use your fingers to push the ridges and grooves so there are no air pockets. Press and hold in place for 10 to 15 seconds to secure the seal.


Men’s Liberty is easy to remove, too. We recommend applying FreeDerm to gently lift the seal or a warm washcloth to moisten the seal until it is milky white and rolls gently away from the skin.

Although Men’s Liberty is designed for hours of worry free wear, it should be removed and reapplied daily. Most men find it easy to apply after their daily shower or bath. Our hydrocolloid seal directs urine away from the skin and keeps you dry. Enjoy protection from embarrassing accidents, odors and irritation all day and all night.

External catheters offer the convenience of self-application for many users. Caregivers can easily apply Men’s Liberty as well. There is no need for assistance from a healthcare professional.

With a little practice, you can apply Men’s liberty in less than 2 minutes, which is just about the same amount of  time it takes to put on an adult diaper. Unlike adult diapers or incontinence pads, Men’s Liberty offers protection that is comfortable and gives you confidence. Our discreet system is designed to protect you from leaks, irritation and odors. Why not try Men’s Liberty today?