Male incontinence can be an embarrassing and, in certain cases, life-altering problem. Fortunately, treatment options do exist that can offer afflicted individuals viable solutions.


Brief Overview Regarding Incontinence

This medical condition occurs when men lose the ability to control urinary output. Simple acts like sneezing or coughing might precipitate said individuals to expel urine at inopportune times, or before they are able to reach a lavatory. There are five different categories of urinary incontinence:

  • Urge incontinence, which occurs when the afflicted man experiences serious urges to urinate followed by loss of urinary control.
  • Stress incontinence, which happens when stress on the bladder precipitates a loss of urinary control.
  • Functional incontinence, which results from a physical or mental ailment that often prevents the individual in question from reaching a toilet in time.
  • Overflow incontinence, which occurs because the bladder does not properly empty and small quantities of urine are continually expelled.
  • Mixed incontinence, which is a combination of any of the preceding categories.

Many factors could lead to the development of incontinence, including:


As men grow older, they stand at greater risk of developing condition-inducing ailments impacting the bladder, prostate and urinary tract. Additionally, bladder contractions increase with age.

Lifestyle Habits

Individuals who indulge in habits like cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake or the consumption of an increased number of carbonated beverages like soda may increase their risk of incontinence.


In some cases, prescription medications like muscle relaxants and those designed to treat conditions like high blood pressure might exert an adverse impact upon bladder control.

Obstruction Illnesses

Medical maladies that cause blockages within the urinary tract can precipitate incontinence. Some of the more common examples include an enlarged prostate gland, prostate cancer or other malignancies occurring within the bladder or urinary system.


In some cases, short-lived incidents of incontinence might be caused by various urinary tract infections that irritate the bladder.


Potential Solutions

Fortunately, numerous treatment options exist that may provide relief for afflicted men. The exact therapeutic protocols chosen by the patient's physician will often be dictated by underlying factors such as the specific underlying cause, the condition's severity and the type of incontinence being experienced. That said, incontinence solutions might include:


Depending upon the underlying cause, specific medications might help control urinary incontinence. Physicians might prescribe drugs designed to perform actions such as limiting urinary output, gaining control over bladder nerves and shrinking enlarged tissue.

Altering Lifestyle

In certain instances, ceasing bad habits like smoking, drinking or consuming specific foods might provide the necessary relief.

Performing Specific Exercises

For some men, physical actions like Kegel Exercises might help control incontinence. These activities are geared towards strengthening the pelvic muscles, which some medical professionals opine is a way to curb incontinence.


In severe cases, various surgical procedures might be indicated. This is especially true for men who have undergone removal of the prostate and sustained some form of nerve damage within the urinary tract.

Contacting Us

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Additionally, we know asking for advice on bladder issues and other types of incontinence can often feel difficult or embarrassing. We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey, whether you are interested in learning more about the symptoms and signs that come with UI or hoping to gain some great tips and advice for managing your condition.

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