Incontinence doesn’t mean you’re housebound: 5 tips for living daily with incontinence outside of your home.


Don’t let incontinence keep you from the things you enjoy. You can still lead an active, satisfying life. These tips can help.

Recognize the signs

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is coming to terms with a diagnosis of incontinence. Know that you aren’t alone. Millions of other men have also been diagnosed with incontinence. They have found ways to remain vibrant and active. You can too. Deciding to face and deal with the diagnosis makes it possible to develop a plan. Why plan? When you know in advance how you plan to manage incontinence you can get it off your mind.  That means you can finally stop worrying about leaks and accidents and get back to the things you enjoy.

Stay hydrated

It sounds counter intuitive but taking in adequate liquids supports bladder and kidney health. Unsupported, symptoms of incontinence can worsen. When you drink enough water, you ‘ll also reduce the likelihood of bladder irritation common with dehydration.

Empty your bladder completely when toileting

Take the opportunity to empty your bladder fully before leaving home. If that becomes difficult, double voiding can help. Urinate and wait a few minutes then try to urinate again.

Limit or avoid bladder irritants

Certain foods and drink such as citrus, caffeine, alcohol and fiery spices can irritate the bladder. Reduce irritation by eliminating or reducing these foods until you know exactly how they impact you. Again, remember to drink plenty of water which can help offset some of the effects of the irritants. If you smoke or are obese consider stopping and losing weight. Smoking and extra weight can aggravate incontinence.

Ask your healthcare provider about Men’s Liberty

Men’s Liberty helps men maintain their dignity and enjoy their freedom. Our unique system is designed to give you up to 24-hours of worry-free protection against leaks, accidents and odor. Men’s Liberty is discreet, too. No one will be able to tell you are using it. Apply it easily in just a couple of minutes and go about your day. Men’s Liberty is easy on your skin and your wallet. Its available at little or no out of pocket cost with coverage from more than 3,000 types of insurance.


Incontinence need not limit you. Men’s Liberty gives you the freedom to enjoy your life. Ready to get back to doing more? Call us today to learn more.