Maintaining Dad’s Dignity Without Diapers

Incontinence doesn’t have to keep your dad from doing the things he has always enjoyed. Learn more about incontinence solutions and our easy to use, discreet and dependable system.

Incontinence Solutions:

Ditch diaper anxiety for our worry-free option

Fear of leaks or embarrassment about odors may turn your active dad into a couch potato. Help him get back to life on his terms with our external catheter. It is fast and easy to apply. Best of all dad has up to 24 hours of dependable protection without the telltale bulkiness you get with diapers.

No more wet linen

Men’s Liberty offers an external collection system for peace of mind day and night. Dad can sleep comfortably without worry of soiling the bed. No more extra loads of laundry to wash and no more middle of the night changes. Our innovative technology provides long wear so everyone can get some rest.

Give dad back some privacy

Frequent diaper changes can be awkward, frustrating and embarrassing. With Men’s Liberty dad is protected up to 24 hours, giving him more freedom and caregivers more flexibility. Our product directs urine away from the skin so dad stays dry, too. That means less need to deal with rashes and skin irritation that come from diapers.

Men’s Liberty – One of the best incontinence solutions out there!

Millions of men are impacted by incontinence every year. Whether the incontinence is related to an injury or health issue, men want to be able to manage it with as much dignity and ease as possible. Your dad, too. Talk with his healthcare provider and explore the Men’s Liberty option for:

• Reducing embarrassing touch – a serious illness or injury may require your dad to ask for help in ways that make both of you uncomfortable. Men’s Liberty can reduce this kind of contact as it only needs to be changed once a day, eliminating frequent diaper changes and removing the need for skin protection creams.

• Remaining comfortable and dry at night – waking up wet can be frustrating and humiliating. Staying dry is possible with our external collection system.

• Eliminating accidents – enjoy the things you used to do together without packing extra clothes and diapers. Revel in moments of togetherness without the disruptive dash to the bathroom or changes.

Incontinence need not loom over every minute of the day. It is still possible to enjoy life without the constant anxiety it can bring. Medicare and most private insurance plans cover our easy to apply system, and will give dad back his freedom and preserve his dignity. When dad doesn’t have to worry about odor or wetness he will feel more like himself. That is important to both of you.