Wee Answer Wednesday: Thanksgiving with Men’s Liberty


In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday (and the extra short work week), here are a few burning questions about incontinence for the run up to the Holiday Season!

1. What’s the secret to managing my incontinence discreetly during the holidays?

Sadly, there isn’t one magical secret to making it all go away. If there was, I would be a RICH woman I assure you (hint: I’m not). The best advice I can give you is two things:

  1. Be prepared. With holidays, usually comes travel. So plan ahead. Before your trip make sure you have enough supplies to last through the New Year. If travelling make sure you have enough supplies and some spares. Make sure to carry an extra set of clothes or two, plastic bags for wet clothes, wet wipes and baby powder in a small bag that you can keep with you. No one ever wants to have an accident but travelling presents particular challenges. Whether it’s a long car ride or a bumpy flight – it’s always best to be prepared.
  2. Find the right product for you and stick with it. High maintenance holidays aren’t the time to be trying something new at the last minute. There is usually a learning curve involved with new products and its best to try those out when you have some quiet time to monitor and respond if something doesn’t work quite as planned. This is certainly something we advocate with our product. Men’s Liberty has a bit of a learning curve for your skin because it absorbs all the excess moisture in your skin that has built up from using diapers and pads. That means the first one won’t last 24 hours. It takes about 3 back-to-back applications to get the full wear time of the product. Knowing that in advance allows you to plan and stay in control.

2. How can I make holiday travel easier?

Follow the tips above. Also consider downloading our travel tips including special holiday suggestions for getting through holiday TSA screenings!

Travel with Men's Liberty

3. Am I at greater risk for having an accident or getting a UTI during the holidays?

By itself the holidays are not a risk; however, many people may do things during the holiday season that increase their risk of having an accident. That includes: drinking too much alcohol or not enough water, and over indulgence in caffeine or other diuretics. There are lots of foods that will stimulate your bladder and increase the frequency and intensity of your need to void including citrus, spicy food, rich dairy products and artificial sweeteners.

To avoid UTIs, keep an eye on your water intake and make sure you are drinking enough to make your urine pale and clear. You may also want to  drink cranberry juice semi-regularly, just be sure its the pure juice, not the sugary sweetened stuff.

4. Black Friday & Incontinence – can Men’s Liberty help me shop ‘til I drop?

Yes!! You can wear Men’s Liberty anytime you know you’re going to be away from a bathroom, even if you’re not actually incontinent. Whether you’re waiting in line for the new iPhone 5 or stampeding into Walmart for the latest Furby or Leapfrog tablet for your little one – Men’s Liberty can help!


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