Introducing the BioDerm Penile Clamp!

Hello and welcome back. Today I would like to introduce the newest product in the BioDerm catalog, the BioDerm Penile Clamp. Some of you may have already seen or heard of the product from our customer service reps, however, since many people are still unaware of it I figured we would take some time to discuss this new product.

Introducing the BioDerm Penile Clamp

Now I know the name clamp can sound a little intimidating but unlike many other penile clamps, the BioDerm Penile Clamp is designed to be used temporarily in order stop the flow of urine through the BioDerm Penile Clampurethra when applying the Men’s Liberty. Many of our patients have told us that they have had trouble applying the Men’s Liberty because they can’t stop their dribbling or leaking long enough in order to securely apply the Liberty.

This is where the penile clamp comes in handy. It will stop the leaking long enough to ensure you able to securely attach Men’s Liberty. Then you take it off and go about your day! So if you are running into the issue of constant dribbling or leaking, the penile clamp may be your answer.

Additionally, the BioDerm Penile Clamp is covered by most major insurances (just like Men’s Liberty)! Medicare will cover 1 penile clamp every 90 days. This means little or no out of pocket cost to you.

There are many different penile clamps out there on the market; however, there are a few key features that set the BioDerm Penile Clamp apart from the rest.

1. The clamp is made from durable engineered plastic and ultra soft foam for added comfort.

2. The clamp contains no wires or metal. This ensures that the clamp is skin BioDerm Penile Clamp Openfriendly and can be washed without the potential of rust or corrosion. Other clamps are often made of metal or less skin friendly materials.

3. The BioDerm Clamp can be closed and released with one hand. Other penile clamps can often be cumbersome and difficult to apply without the use of both hands. In our design we take into account our patients who may not have full dexterity.

4. We also added a curved upper arm for improved comfort. Many other penile clamps use a flat upper arm, this can cause discomfort during application.

Well thats all I have for today. However, for more information on the BioDerm Penile Clamp check it out on our corporate site BioDerm Inc. or give one of our customer care reps a call at 800-814-3174. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the section below as always. Have a great day!