Keep it clean – Tips on keeping catheters clean and staying sanitary

keeping catheters clean

Soap and water are the most important tools for keeping catheters clean and staying sanitary. Here’s your game plan.

Lather up

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) removing germs with handwashing can help prevent colds, diarrhea, respiratory infections, and even eye and skin infections. Handwashing is also important for keeping your catheter clean and sanitary. Use warm water and non-mosturizing bar soap, such as Ivory or Dial gold. Take a shower or wash your hands and the entire genital area carefully before application. Thorough cleansing is important because it prevents the transfer of germs from other surfaces you have had contact with onto the application area. Wash your hands after application as well.

Maintain a no-contact zone

When emptying, give yourself enough space to maneuver freely without bringing any part of the catheter in contact with the toilet, sink or any other surface. Empty the collection unit when it is about 2/3 full. Always wash all related supplies, such as drainage tubes, in warm, soapy water between uses.

Protect your skin

Men’s Liberty Male External Catheter offers a unique, skin-friendly design that helps protect you from rash and infection. Men’s Liberty directs urine away from your skin, so you aren’t bothered by moisture. Unlike condom catheters, which carry a greater risk of skin breakdown and irritation, Men’s Liberty is only applied to the tip of your penis. That means your skin can breathe and stays healthier.

Be sure to change

Follow the recommended directions for changing your catheter. Men’s Liberty offers up to 24 hours of secure protection from leaks and accidents. Carefully remove, thoroughly clean and reapply your catheter regularly to stay sanitary.

Choose convenience

Unlike indwelling or condom catheters, Men’s Liberty carries very little risk of infection or rash. Our non-invasive system protects without compromising your comfort or skin. Easily apply Men’s Liberty in just a couple of minutes with no mess, no pain and no fuss. Apply and enjoy your normal daily activities.

Using a catheter is convenient. Make it safer, pain-free and with less risk of rash or infection when you choose Men’s Liberty. Keeping catheters clean is easier with Men’s Liberty. Soap and warm water are a necessary part of your catheter application and maintenance routine. The value of handwashing has been proven by the CDC and other health experts. Protect yourself from preventable illness upfront and continue to enjoy the freedom and comfort you can only get with Men’s Liberty.