Know Your Nurse

Know Your Nurse

Your nurse has likely changed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of catheters over the course of a career. But, perhaps, the experience is still relatively new and somewhat embarrassing to you. Getting to know your nurse can make you feel more comfortable.

Nurses are people too

You want to be seen as a whole human being, not reduced to the catheter change in room A. Your nurse wants the same thing. To be seen as a whole human being, not reduced to the catheter changer. Offer a pleasant greeting when you meet. Greeting the person changing your catheter by name will do wonders when it comes to comfort. The connection you establish will come through during every part of your time together, making you both feel more at ease. If you’re looking for a way to improve this part of your hospital stay or medical appointment, simply start by building rapport.

Build your relationship bank account

Nurses know that patients don’t always feel their best and are sometimes, understandably, grumpy. Still, that doesn’t mean it is ok to dump on them. Do what you can to manage your mood and attitude. Sometimes, you can facilitate a shift in attitude just by choosing to focus on what is going right instead of what you wish you could change. When you are rude or abrupt, apologize. There is tremendous mending power in a sincere “I’m sorry.”

Look for ways to connect

Perhaps you’re fans of the same football team or restaurant, or your children are around the same age. Use commonalities as a starting point for building a connection. You may even begin to look forward to, rather than dread, seeing the nurse.

Be upfront

Let your nurse know right away if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort during your catheter change. Speaking up for yourself is a good reminder that you have control over yourself and your care. Share any other feedback that would improve your experience as well. For example, would you prefer a different time of day for changing, a different size or type of catheter? Maybe you are ready to make the switch to Men’s Liberty, a unique kind of external catheter. Your nurse can help you apply Men’s Liberty and answer any questions you may have. Men’s Liberty is the safe and effective choice of millions of men. Unlike other catheters, Men’s Liberty is skin friendly and carries very little risk of infection. You’ll enjoy up to 24-hours of worry free protection against leaks and accidents. Once you get the hang of it, Men’s Liberty can be applied in about two minutes.


Even if your nurse has changed thousands of catheters you may be uncomfortable with the procedure when it is new to you. Ease the way by building rapport with your nurse. Ask questions or offer feedback. Look for ways to connect so you won’t dread this time. Manage your attitude and mood, too. Kindness and connection go a long way with nurses. You’ll both feel more at ease.