Laser treatments, Basil Cells, Star Wars, 3-D glasses, and the Boy Scouts Motto: Be Prepared.

On a Tuesday in December, I had laser treatments, “blasting” on an implant on my right eye. The lens cleared up and my doctor assured me that I would be able to find the Orion Nebula with my telescope.

That following Friday, I had a Mohs procedure for basil cell carcinoma just below the right eye lid.  I didn’t prepare myself for the fifteen-stitch surgery or the bandage that covered my right eye.

The next morning, our children treated us to reserved seating for a nine A.M. viewing of the latest version of Star Wars…with 3-D glasses.  3-D glasses on one eye!  I wasn’t prepared for that situation.

However I was prepared for the excitement that, in past years, might cause me the loss of bladder control.  I was wearing …TA- DA… my Men’s Liberty External Catheter!  Therefore, exciting moments were no problem.  (I noticed several men and women making quick exits three quarters into the movie.) Not me. I made it to the end. When it comes out on DVD, I’ll watch the movie again, using both eyes thanks to the laser treatments.  Until then:

Happy New Year and … May The Force Be With You!

Sam and PJ Turner (She Who Must Be Obeyed!)