Learn Why Millions of Americans Are Opting For External Urinary Catheters to Manage Their Urinary Incontinence

external urinary catheter

Urinary incontinence does not have to permanently disrupt your life. And you don’t necessarily need to struggle with diapers, condoms, and invasive catheters. An external urinary catheter can prove to be the life-altering solution that will give you back a sense of freedom. And it can let you live once again on your own terms.

A Transformative Male Urinary Incontinence Solution for Seniors

Millions of seniors across the country suffer from male urinary incontinence, even if they are otherwise fit and healthy. Aging causes your body’s vital organs to gradually lose their function. The male bladder is one of the most common organs that aging effects can impact.

If your bladder does not hold as much urine as it is required to, it can lead to urine leakage before you are able to use the washroom. But with a reliable external urinary catheter, your incontinence does not have to reduce your quality of life. It doesn’t even have to stop you from social engagements and various physical activities.

external urinary catheter

With the safe and effective Men’s Liberty external collection device, you will be able to easily manage leaks and reduce accidents. As an alternative to adult diapers, Men’s Liberty will keep urine away from your skin. And keep you 100% dry as long as you are using the device.

This simple external urinary catheter for men is sanitary and secure and does not have the potential side effects that some prescription medications to control incontinence may have. Unlike condom catheters that could potentially result in infection or skin irritation if your skin is broken in some area, Men’s Liberty is very safe and will be gentle on your skin.

Ideal for Veterans Suffering from Bladder Leakage

Research has shown that men with a military service background are nearly twice as likely to suffer from urinary incontinence compared to other men. A similar pattern also exists for veterans below the age of 55 when compared to other men younger than 55.

Men’s Liberty provides veterans dealing with bladder leakage following an injury with the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Something as simple as male incontinence should not disrupt your active and confident lifestyle. You deserve a proven solution that is already the choice of millions of men in the US.

If a head or back injury has contributed to your urinary incontinence as a veteran, Men’s Liberty external urinary catheter can help you obtain permanent freedom from diapers or condoms, and help you regain complete charge of your own life.

Advantage for Caregivers

If you are a caregiver for a loved one who is suffering from male bladder incontinence, you can help him fight back the problem successfully. And you can help restore his personal confidence to resume their active social lifestyle and physical activities.

external urinary catheter

You only need to change Men’s Liberty external urinary catheter once in about 24 hours. In order to keep your loved one dry and comfortable at all times. It will also eliminate the need to use and change diapers or absorbent pads several times a day.

You Don’t Have to Fight Urinary Incontinence Alone

Men’s Liberty can be your discreet companion. It will provide you permanent freedom from invasive catheters, unreliable pads, and leaky diapers. Choose the world’s best external urinary catheter. To order Men’s Liberty, call us at 888-412-9329 or contact us online.