Lifestyle Changes to Adapt to Male Urinary Incontinence

male urinary incontinence

Male urinary incontinence can significantly impact your quality of life. If you are not able to manage it well, you may get overwhelmed by your condition. And then stop doing the activities you like, like traveling, playing, or meeting people. However, you can make positive changes to your lifestyle and choose proven male UI solutions such as Men’s Liberty to deal with your condition more effectively. 

Rely on Men’s Liberty for a Comfortable Lifestyle

male urinary incontinence

Your problem of male urinary incontinence does not have to compromise your daily life or stop you from various activities and social engagements. Men’s Liberty is a safe and effective external collection device that will help you manage leaks discreetly, comfortably and with dignity. 

Unlike adult diapers, Men’s Liberty will keep you totally dry throughout the day as it directs urine away from your skin. This sanitary and secure external catheter for men will not cause you any embarrassment. Or even restrict you from engaging in your favorite activities. You can take back control of your own life once you start using this reliable and gentle male UI solution. 

Watch Your Fluid Intake

While it’s critical to stay hydrated, you do not need to consume excessive fluids, such as water, juices, and soft beverages every day. Too much fluid may cause an overactive bladder and will exacerbate your problem of urinary incontinence. 

Both urge incontinence and stress incontinence may increase if you drink too much fluid. A good approach may be to distribute your fluid intake evenly throughout the day rather than consuming a large volume at one time. 

Restrict Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is considered one of the key contributors to male urinary incontinence. Caffeine is not only present in coffee, but also in certain sodas and other beverages. When you consume caffeine in significant amounts every day, it will start stimulating your kidneys to produce urine at a relatively faster rate. 

Your bladder is designed for gradual filling, and it will tend to become overactive when too much urine is filled at shorter intervals. The bladder muscle may also start spasming or squeezing down when it shouldn’t. These repeated occurrences will increase your problem of male UI. Therefore, your goal should be to minimize or even altogether avoid the use of caffeine.

Train Your Bladder Muscle 

male urinary incontinence

Bladder training can help when you are struggling with the urge to urinate frequently. You will need to space out your voids in order to train your bladder muscles. This means that if your current rate of urination is once per hour, you should consciously work on increasing your bladder control. You can do that by waiting for about 90 minutes before your next visit to the bathroom. 

It will take time to achieve this goal. Once you have attained the milestone, you can set the next goal of two hours for yourself. With practice and commitment, you should be able to improve your bladder control over a few months. Kegels and certain pelvic floor exercises can also help you in achieving this goal.

Live the Way You Want with Men’s Liberty    

If you have been struggling with male urinary incontinence, it is time to discover how and why thousands of men are now able to live free thanks to Men’s Liberty. With more than two decades of clinical backing and patient support, Men’s Liberty has emerged as one of the most widely accepted solutions to manage male UI. To get your very own product, call us at 888-412-9329 or place your order online.