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Live fully even with incontinence

Sure, living with a catheter is an adjustment. Perhaps the biggest adjustment isn’t physical but mental. It is your attitude, or how you choose to think about the experience, that will make the difference. Rather than think about how horrible it is that things aren’t different (i.e. you didn’t have to wear a catheter at all), focus on the opportunity medical science provides with tools that support your freedom and independence. Live fully even with incontinence.

Living with incontinence

It is time to change your mind. The key word here is living. Incontinence is a common and manageable condition. Millions of men of all ages are living with incontinence. They are using helpful aides such as Men’s Liberty to continue doing the things they enjoy. Why Men’s Liberty? Because they can work, head to a ball game or spend time with friends and family without worry about leaks or accidents. In other words, men use Men’s Liberty because they want to confidently get back to the business of living.

Taking back control

There are treatments and strategies that can help incontinence. Talk with your healthcare provider to learn about the best options for you. There are also some things you can do on your own at home. These include:

  • Modify diet – certain foods such as citrus, caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol can worsen symptoms of incontinence.
  • Space liquids – too much liquid intake at one time can overwhelm the bladder.
  • Practice Kegel exercises – these strengthen the pelvic floor and improve incontinence symptoms.
  • Lose weight and/or quit smoking – some men have seen improvements with these strategies.

Get control of incontinence the same way you have tackled other challenges. Understand what is involved (or the problem) and actively explore options or solutions to the problem. If giving up when faced with a challenge hasn’t been an option for you before, why should it be an option now?

Live fully even with incontinence

In the meantime, life is waiting to be lived. Work with what you have. Incontinence need not mean loss of freedom or enjoyment. It does mean you will need to bring the same practical approach you have to other problems. Men’s Liberty can help. Our unique external catheter protects your skin and keeps you dry and worry free for up to 24-hours. Men’s Liberty is discreet and easy to apply, too. Men’s Liberty can be your answer to the challenge of incontinence. Ready to take back your freedom and independence? Give us a call.