Male Urinary Continence Product: The Stigma of Living With Urinary Incontinence

Living With Urinary Incontinence

Living with urinary incontinence can be challenging, to put it mildly. Apart from the physical symptoms, the very fact that you have a leaky bladder can make you feel hesitant about going out and being in the presence of other people.

Fortunately, with the right kind of male urinary incontinence product, it is entirely possible to manage your problem and lead a normal life. As a matter of fact, Men’s Liberty is one such innovative solution. It has helped thousands of men permanently get rid of the feeling of stigma that comes with living with urinary incontinence.

The Stigma Associated with Male Urinary Incontinence

Data shows that anywhere from 2% to 11% of men in the country suffer from urinary incontinence due to various health problems. Yet the condition is not as widely discussed or debated as it should be due to the stigma attached to it.

Research shows that many men are ashamed of discussing their bladder problems. Unfortunately, they believe a leaky bladder is a sign of weakness. They tend to suffer from a feeling of helplessness and loss of control. That forces them to keep their problem a secret for as long as they can.

A study conducted by the National Association for Continence (NAFC) says that only 18% of men who suffer from incontinence are open to discussing their issues with a doctor. Others tend to be extremely reluctant, until their symptoms worsen, and they can no longer hide it.

The Problems with Traditional Male Urinary Continence Products

One of the reasons why incontinent men tend to shut themselves out from the rest of the world is that they are afraid of embarrassing themselves in the presence of others. They fear that the incontinence products they use might draw unwanted attention from others.

Such fears are not unfounded, as traditional male urinary continence products have several disadvantages. You might have to change absorption products like diapers several times a day. Consequently, that might not be possible. Especially if you are busy with work duties, errands, or other responsibilities. Indwelling catheters, on the other hand, can be difficult to insert and remove. And they may even increase the risk of urinary tract infections.

However, some traditional external catheters won’t fit into your underwear. As a result, that can deter you from wearing it in public. Also, when you wear a condom catheter – or any other traditional male urinary incontinence product for that matter – you have to watch how you walk and move about, as the device can possibly detach itself.

Thankfully, a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to traditional male urinary continence products is available in the form of Men’s Liberty.

The Men’s Liberty Solution to Your Incontinence Problems

Men’s Liberty is an easy-to-use external urine collection device. Men of all ages can use it and even the NAFC recommends it. It’s clinically proven and safe to use. Men’s Liberty is designed to fit men of all sizes and can be discreetly worn under your underwear.

In fact, for over 20 years, Men’s Liberty has helped millions of men. They lead a happy, dignified life, without worrying about their incontinence problems. Medicare, Medicaid, and many private health insurance plans as well all cover this male urinary continence product. (Standard deductibles and copays apply)

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