Meet Adaptive Athlete & Men’s Liberty User John Powell

We’re thrilled to be able to share a story from one of our many Men’s Liberty users. John’s incontinence has been a long term challenge and he has been such a wonderful advocate for the impact that Men’s Liberty has had on his life.

Check out his story below…

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Who I Am

My name is John Powell and I was born in 1948. At the age of 4 years, I contracted polio, and spent the next two years in an iron lung. After I recovered and grew older I tried sports, but due to the after-effects of polio, my physical condition was weakened. I was unable to compete at a satisfactory level. Over the years I have learned not to quit at anything I attempt. When I first began to participate in wheelchair sports, it was the third major factor that positively impacted my life. The first being my loving wife who refuses to allow me to even consider self-pity in any form, and the second being my two sons who encourage me, and for whom I do my best to be an example. My family is the first of many reasons I compete.

My Disability:

Spinocerebellar Atrophy with Ataxia, Post-Polio Syndrome, and Bipolar Disorder. All of which are being treated at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Dallas.

How These Disabilities Affect My Life

The Spinocerebellar Atrophy with Ataxia affects my balance severely. I can only walk a very short distance without aid. If I try to walk for example, across the street to my neighbor’s house, my wife or sons have to aide me or I will fall unless I use my wheelchair, which my physician prescribed for me. There is no cure for this disease, and with time it will only worsen. Only medical support is the qualified treatment for this condition.

The Post-Polio Syndrome has caused my muscles to weaken along with degeneration and pain in my joints. Post-Polio Syndrome is a condition that affects Polio survivors several years after initial recovery. It is not contagious, and only those who have contracted the polio virus are at risk. There are no effective medicinal treatments available. Mobility aids, management strategies, and lifestyle changes are the recommended treatments

Bipolar Disorder, before I sought treatment, disrupted my life with low-self esteem, decreased sleep cycles, unfounded guilt, and irritability. With medication, my quality of life and relationships with others has improved exponentially.

My Current Activities

  • Texas Regional Games
  • West Virginia State Wheelchair Games
  • Southwest Wheelchair Games in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
  • Endeavor Games in Edmond, OK.
  • Sooner State Games
  • PVA Wheelchair Games
  • East Texas Wheelchair Games
  • Valor Games in Chicago

At the Paralyzed Veterans Wheelchair Games in Richmond, Virginia in 2012 I met some men from Men’s Liberty. I spoke to them about my activities and the incontinence problem I have on a continual basis every day of my life. They told me about their product and how it can replace catheters. The Men’s Liberty system has helped me even in my different sports because I don’t have to worry about using the bathroom when I compete. It has helped me in my Air Rifle events because when I get into position I can stay there for the 2 hours of the event. In my hand cycling, I can ride the route and not worry about using the bathroom like the able body runners do. My times have gotten better and I am not embarrassed because I have gone to the bathroom on myself.

Thank you Men’s Liberty for making me happier and more self sufficient.

Orange Line

A big thank you to John for sharing his story and to all other Men’s Liberty users! We’re passionate about helping people live their lives to the fullest, knowing that incontinence doesn’t have to keep you down. Get out, get active, get Men’s Liberty!