Meet Men’s Liberty Users Tina & Eric

We love hearing from our Men’s Liberty customers and Tina & Eric are no exception. They’ve been using the product since 2012 and it’s made a huge difference. Tina was kind enough to write us a brief letter about their experiences and we wanted to share it with you all –

Men’s Liberty

Dear Men’s Liberty,

I wanted to write your company a note regarding your external catheter product.  Your product was recommended to my family from the ALS Clinic in Portland Oregon.  Always the skeptic, the word catheter scared me a bit.

The reason this product was recommended to us is that my husband has ALS, and is unable to get up and use the restroom as needed.

It took a couple of attempts to get the product on correctly, but once it was in place, it worked out very well.  I was initially scared to tape anything in that region, but that was not a problem as the materials they used are great, easy to remove and painless for my husband.

This product has made a large impact on our lives. 

The most degrading thing that my husband can think of is being in a diaper.  Your product helped him to avoid that bit of humiliation. 

We were able to utilize this product so that he could attend our daughter’s graduation in comfort and without the fear of an “accident” that would further embarrass him. You could not tell he had it on through his clothes, which was a big concern for my husband.

It also allows me, the caregiver some leeway when needing to run errands, etc. 

I wanted to pass along my praise of your product as I can see many applications in the lives of men everywhere.  More doctors should offer your products, as I had never even heard of anything like this before.

The fact that this product helped my husband retain his dignity in the face of a terrible disease, speaks volumes about the usefulness of its applications.

One more note, Cory was an excellent resource for me.  In this time of tragedy in our lives, he followed up with me with all due respect to my situation.  He offered guidance on the product. And a personal touch of support that you don’t see often in this day and age.

Your product has been an excellent resource and you should be commended for putting it out there for people.


Tina P.

Men’s Liberty

A big thank you to Tina for sharing her experiences as a caregiver using Men’s Liberty. Do you have a Men’s Liberty story we can share? Leave us a note in the comments or send an email to!

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