To Leak or Not to Leak – (that is the question)

Being a retired art and language arts teacher, I can’t claim to be an expert research analyst. However, here is what I learned about Men’s Liberty and Absorbents:

Men’s Liberty and Absorbents

I filled a fresh Liberty unit with water for measuring purposes. It holds one cup. I then poured water onto a major absorbent that also holds one cup.

I used another absorbent brand that claims to be reliable that only holds 2/3 cup.

On the top shelf of my closet, I have some briefs with built-in absorbents which hold two cups.

How much does a filled, two-cup absorbent weigh? One pound. A couple of ads on the web show a male walking with a brief on, smiling.


If I were carrying two cups of urine in my crouch, I wouldn’t be smiling. I’d be walking “funny” (waddling) for one thing. For another, I’d be panicking, looking for a restroom where I could change. Maybe the briefs were just meant for sleeping. Even so, any pressure on the absorbent will cause leaks. I remember the continued moisture in my crotch resulting in something called yeast infection. Not a good thing. (Yes, I bathed each day. Yes, I changed absorbents several times a day. And yes, I changed absorbents two or three times at night.) That condition resolved itself when I began using Men’s Liberty.

I realize this isn’t an extensive study, but it is enough to prove: Men’s Liberty units don’t cause “funny” walking. The unit hangs easily down my pant leg. With Tucson weather running 100º through the summer, I usually wear cargo shorts with an eleven inch inseam. The drain nozzle comes right above the hemline. Draining is a simple matter. Ten seconds and I’m “good to go”.

My situation is easy compared to people with Spinal Cord Injuries and other serious circumstances. If Men’s Liberty can work out the problems for them, then I have no complaints.