Men’s Liberty and skin care

Using a catheter used to mean significant risk of rash and infection. Men’s Liberty and skin care go hand in hand. It is a game changer.

Men’s Liberty and skin care

We have shipped more than 5 million units with zero attributable adverse reactions or UTIs. Men’s Liberty is designed with your freedom, comfort and confidence in mind.

Risk to skin 

The primary risk to skin with catheter and adult diaper use is moisture. Exposed skin is vulnerable. That’s where Men’s Liberty is different. Unlike condom catheters, Men’s Liberty protects the skin from excessive moisture. Our external collection system directs urine away from the skin, so you stay dry.

Preparing your skin

If you are transitioning to Men’s Liberty from absorbent products, you will need to allow a few days for skin moisture levels to adjust. Skin must be completely dry to achieve a secure seal. Most users get 6-12 hours wear time on their first application. Within 2 to 3 days you will be able to apply Men’s Liberty and keep it in place for 24 to 48 hours. Our proprietary, skin-friendly adhesive provides protection you can count on while being gentle to sensitive skin.

Applying Men’s Liberty

Remember, to achieve a secure, long-lasting seal, your skin must be completely dry and clean. It is important to follow the instructions that come with Men’s Liberty and talk to our nursing support team if you have questions about the application process. We recommend using a soap such as Dial gold or another non-moisturizing soap to cleanse the area thoroughly before application. If you are uncircumcised, take extra care to gently pull back and clean the foreskin. Use a cotton towel to dry the area. Avoid any lotions or creams on your hands or application area, as they will impact the quality of the seal.

Inspect your skin regularly

Men’s Liberty is safe and skin friendly. Still, as with any product it is important to monitor for any changes. Inspect your skin regularly for the appearance of any rash or adverse reaction.

Be proactive about Men’s Liberty and skin care

The best way to protect your skin is to invest in appropriate care daily. Proper care reduces the risk of rash and, potentially, expensive infection treatment in the first place. Men’s Liberty makes it easy to stay on top of skin care. If you have previously used absorbents or even condom catheters, you’ll be surprised by how much easier Men’s Liberty is on your skin. Ready for secure, skin-friendly protection? Give Men’s Liberty a call today.