Men’s Liberty Announces New Partnership with Eloquest Healthcare!

Courtney BurgeWell, we’re just back from Detroit and let me tell you, brrrrrr. For us Florida types, that was just NOT okay! But snow aside, it was a great trip and we’re feeling thrilled to be able to announce that we are kicking off a new partnership with Eloquest Healthcare ®, Inc.!

Eloquest will be promoting our new urinary management device in hospitals all over the US! So our CSO Wendy, and Head of Sales, Courtney, raced to Detroit for an in-depth training with Eloquest’s head honchos and sales gurus.

It was great to get to share some of the oodles of info we have about incontinence with a really compassionate, engaged audience. They really got it!

The gentleman below is Terp, the head of National Sales and as you can see, he looks very pleased with himself after he successfully applied the Men’s Liberty to an anatomical model. Terp was one of about a dozen trainers who learned how to apply the device and how Men’s Liberty can change lives.Eloquest Terp

So while we won’t be officially launching until July, we’re feeling thrilled to be starting! And, no kidding, there’s quite the mountain to climb. In 2009, there were an estimated 38 million hospital admissions, of which 25% received indwelling Foley catheters. An estimated 38% of those catheters were NOT medically necessary. So what does that mean in practice? It means that in 2009, roughly 3.6 million people were catheterized in hospitals for NO reason! Patients were put at risk for avoidable infections, endured extended hospital stays. And thousands of dollars in added bills accumulated, without any medical justification. Add into that the number of patients utilizing adult diapers, bed pads and condom catheters and the costs just keep rising. Does that sound okay to you?

So that’s the challenge. And we’re looking forward to working with Eloquest to promote discreet, dignified, dependable urinary management in acute care! We’ll keep you all updated as we get closer to that July launch!Eloquest Logo CMYK NoBackround 200x73pixels

Eloquest Healthcare®, Inc. launched as a Ferndale Pharma Group company in February 2008. Eloquest Healthcare provides solutions that drive positive outcomes for patients, caregivers and hospitals while complementing existing treatment protocols. You can find more info here: