Coming Out Of The (Catheter) Closet

For men who are sixty and over, about one in four have problems with incontinence. The surprising thing is that some of these men won’t even discuss the problem with their doctor. Using Men’s Liberty external catheter could turn their life for the better.

1. “What is that?” a fellow member of my exercise club asks as I step away from the urinal.

He is looking at my Men’s Liberty External catheter.

“I’m incontinent and this is my external reservoir.”

“Good God! I would just die before I had to have one of those!”

“ I take it you aren’t having prostate problems, yet?”

2. Hi Sam.

“Hi David.” (David and I taught school together in the 60’s.)

We are standing in the parking lot after having dinner at a well known east-side Mexican restaurant.

“This is my wife, Yolanda.”

“How do you do, Yolanda? It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Are you still writing,” she asks.

“Yes. I’m writing a Blog for Men’s Liberty External catheters.”

“Oh, and what is that?” Yolanda asks.

“It’s for men who are incontinent,” I say as I lift up my cargo shorts cuff enough for the bag to show.

“How interesting,” says Yolanda. “Do they make them for women, too?”

“Unfortunately, no, but they’re working on it.”

3. “You write a blog?” Alex is the technician helping me with a tablet problem.

“Yes. I write for Men’s Liberty External Catheter. You’ve heard of that company?”

“No. What’s that?”

I rotate on my stool where he can see the drain plug on my Liberty just peeking out from my cargo pants. “This takes care of any leaking I may have.”

“My father has that problem. He has to wear a diaper.”

“I used to wear absorbents like your father, but I found this catheter to be more reliable.”

4. With friends at Wisdom’s Mexican Café near Tubac: ”George could use one of those!”

“Would he need a doctor’s prescription, Sam?”

“ Yes. Once Bio Derm has the prescription, they will ship a thirty-day supply covered by Medicare. Men’s Liberty will explain how to use it.”

5. Nurse Practitioner – annual in-house examination (through United Health HMO) for both my wife and me: “I need a urine sample, Sam.”

I take the cup, lift my cuff, pop the catheter plug and fill her cup.

“Wow! Is this a foley? “


“A condom catheter?”

“No. Let me show you a sample package.”

6. Romance Writers of America meeting: – 28 females; 3 males – “Sam, please report on your writing progress.”

“I never knew when I joined RWA that I would be writing for BioDerm Corporation promoting Men’s Liberty External Catheters. But that’s what I’m doing, folks. I write a monthly blog for them. So far, I don’t have a novel titled, The Romance of the External Catheter but stick around. It may just happen! (Much laughter!)

7. Dermatologist: “Yes, on occasion, I have patients who have a rash from wet pads. They need to change them regularly.”

Sam: “Here’s a sample of Men’s Liberty External Catheters. You might want to try this with your next patient. The contact site is on the package.”

What’s the similarity between the new portable oxygen concentrators and Men’s Liberty External Catheters?

No embarrassment.

One you can see the unit. (…and everyone knows what you are wearing.)

One you can’t see and no one knows you are wearing the unit; you aren’t worried about your absorbent leaking…and Medicare accepts both units!

Why do I mention these encounters? If learning about Men’s Liberty External Catheter helps one person, it’s worth it.