But Why is Men’s Liberty A Better Choice Than Adult Diapers?

Here at BioDerm you’ll often hear us say that Men’s Liberty is the better alternative to adult diapers. Obviously, after using Men’s Liberty, our customers quickly realize why they love using our brand. However, you might wonder why we think diapers are the lesser option. For me it always comes down to four factors: safety, comfort, waste and cost.

But Why is Men’s Liberty A Better Choice Than Adult Diapers?

Long Term Exposure To A Hot, Dirty, Chemical-Laden Adult Diaper is the Number One Cause of Rashes And Lesions

Although rashes and skin lesions can be caused by several factors, the majority of these severe irritations and sores come from allergies to adult diapers. And they also come from lack of air on the skin where diapers are worn and higher skin temperatures caused by the plastic in diapers retaining body heat.

Certain chemicals found in adult diapers (including Mercaptobenzothiazole, Cyclohexylthiophthalimide and P-tert-butyl-phenol-formaldehyde resin) and the dyes used to add color to the product have been shown to cause intense allergic reactions resulting in severe rashes. In fact, repeated exposure to these unnatural substances can cause long-term allergies. That makes continued use of adult diapers to be impossible without having to deal with embarrassing and painful rashes for the rest of your life.

As they get wet, adult diapers also become less form fitting. The sopped absorbent material begins to rub against the skin, causing deep lesions. On top of being incredibly painful, these lesions can often become infected and cause very serious medical complications to wearers in the most sensitive of places.

With over 3.5 million units being sold, Men’s Liberty has resulted in no complaints of rashes. Or even urinary tract infections. Its hydrocolloid base is safer and truly skin friendly.

So, which would you rather trust, a product with zero complaints. Or one that easily results in the need for medical attention?

One Year of Using Adult Diapers Can Result in 1000 Pounds of Garbage

Disposable diapers are worn until they are filled, and then, by definition, are thrown away. This results in nearly 8 billion pounds of garbage each year. This is enough to fill over twenty city blocks, or reach to the moon and back nine times. And this is just during one year!

Since it takes several hundred years for diapers to decompose (scientists still aren’t sure exactly how many century), you can imagine how much garbage this actually represents. In fact, diapers make up over 30 percent of  all space in American landfills (only outnumbered by newspapers and food containers).

This doesn’t even take into consideration the human waste that is in the adult diapers. (Ever wonder the real reason a garbage dump stinks?). When you toss a soild one into the trash, you are adding to the 84 million pounds of raw human waste leached into the environment every year from diapers. This human waste eventually reaches our waterways and goes back into human use…yeah, that’s a rather disgusting thought.

Men’s Liberty is a much better alternative to adult diapers as far as this is concerned. After a man fills the Men’s Liberty integral collection chamber, he can safely and discreetly empty his urine into a toilet at his convenience… That’s right, no human waste is added to our landfills!

Would You Rather Pay Over $3000 a Year or Have Little or No Cost in Dealing With Your Incontinence?

To avoid rashes and lesions, an average a man will wear between three and five pairs of adult diapers a day. One package of 18 diapers will last roughly half a week. And it will cost around $20 with taxes (this is on the low end of costs). This means you are paying over $3,000 a year for disposable adult diapers! That’s the cost of a brand new high end MacBook, the best quality 75″ flat screen TV. Or the cost of an all-inclusive two week cruise to the Caribbean. That’s a lot of money!

The cost of adult diapers are going to come out of your wallet. Whereas Medicare and most major secondary health insurances cover Men’s Liberty. That’s right, you can get a better option to deal with your incontinence for little or no cost to you!

So, when you factor  in comfort, safety, waste and cost, you can understand why we feel so confident in stating that Men’s Liberty is the better alternative to adult diapers. If you haven’t tried Men’s Liberty yet, give one of our customer representatives a call. Call at 1-800-814-3174 to find out more. Try Men’s Liberty once and you’ll understand the difference.