Men’s Liberty Reaches Out to Wounded Warriors at the PVA Summit


Well, we’re home from the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Summit in Las Vegas, and it was amazing! There was so much passion and knowledge shared among veterans, health care professionals and service providers. And we just wanted to share some of the highlights with you!

PVA Summit Las Vegas

We were thrilled to hear from some amazing speakers including Robert Petzel, MD, Under Secretary of the VA.

His very first statement was that the VA is “Blessed to have the partnership with the PVA”. He described the VHA vision that contains, in part, to continue to be the benchmark for excellence in patient care, value, continuous improvement, innovation, and evidence based medicine. And he stressed prevention of problems which we are proud to say that Men’s Liberty can provide.

He also noted that 70% of the SCI patients in the VA system are 55 and older. 96% are living in the community. It was great to hear the VA talk about longevity and independence as some of their top priorities. And that they understand that success in these areas is a product of higher standards of care. Men’s Liberty has been working with the VA since 2006 when the product was approved for coverage by the VA and TriCare. Our wounded warriors deserve the absolute highest standard of care and that is Men’s Liberty.

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And it looks like the word is getting out about Men’s Liberty among key health care professionals.

About 80% of the visitors to our booth were aware of Men’s Liberty. Many were aware because of discussion with other professionals and their patients.  So a big thank you to each of you who has discussed Men’s Liberty with your doctor. And helped to spread the word about this revolutionary product.  We hope you will continue to let people know  how Men’s Liberty has changed your life and improved your  health. Send us an email or just write in the comment section below!

The CathGripTM was extremely well received as well and it consistently impressed doctors and nurses who have been stuck using inferior products like the Statlock. One nurse even said that the Statlock was so difficult to use it made her want to “punch babies”! And while we certainly can’t encourage that kind of behavior, we are thrilled to be able to offer a safer, healthier alternative for catheter securement that is gentle enough for a baby’s skin but strong enough for an adult.

CathGrip Catheter Securement Device

All together, it was an amazing couple of days at the Summit. We are blessed to have such a wonderful partnership with the PVA and look forward to seeing everyone again at the next PVA event!