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Men's Liberty Starter Bundle

For Outpatient Use

SKU: XYZ123-2

Men’s Liberty is the innovative alternative to traditional male external catheters. As an external device, it is applied just once a day. This discreet, one-size-fits-most option manages men’s urinary incontinence in a safe, way that keeps you dry 24/7. More than 5 million units have been used

Whats Included

  • Men’s Liberty Product
  • FreeDerm® Adhesive Remover - 1 oz pump spray
  • Bedside Drain Bag, 2000 ml
  • KindKlamp™ (Optional)


  • External design
  • Fits most male anatomy
  • Keeps men dry & comfortable
  • Average wear time up to 24 hours per un
  • 8 oz. urine collection pouch empties easily
  • Replaces diapers, condom catheters and medically unnecessary Foley catheter
  • Connects directly to a leg or bed bag for extended or overnight use


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    There are 4 easy steps to receive your Men's Liberty Male External Catheter supplies with little or no cost from your insurance company. Simply complete the following steps and we will take care of the rest. If you still have questions before you get started, give us a call at 800-373-7006.
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The discreet, dignified, dependable option.

When it comes to bladder leakage, there are many different options out there. But how do they stack up against Men’s Liberty? Our life-changing, male external catheter was designed to help men with urinary incontinence—no matter how old or young, no matter what the cause—regain their freedom and dignity.
Adult diapers can be uncomfortable or embarrassing but Men’s Liberty effectively directs urine away from the skin keeping you dry 24/7.
Condom catheters and diapers can potentially cause irritation or infections. Men’s Liberty is a safe, non-drug alternative.

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The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Fits most male anatomy
  • Effectively directs urine away from the skin, which reduces the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Uses a latex-free adhesive that is safe and hypoallergenic
  • Forms a complete seal without “pop-offs”
  • Can be easily removed with our FreeDerm product
  • Wearable for up to 24 hours
  • Replaces diapers and saves caregivers from changing diapers multiple times a day
  • Covered in U.S. by Medicare, over 3,000 private insurances, workers compensation and VA/TRICARE

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What Our Customers Are

Since using Men’s Liberty I have enjoyed the freedom of being out away from home and not have to worry about the lack of facilities. Being able to sit thru a movie, eat with no interruption at a restaurant, travel with no worries. Believe me when I found this product I told my Urologist and I am very pleased Thanks Men’ Liberty.

Timothy Moody


Manage your urinary incontinence at home and on the go.

Men’s Liberty is a revolutionary new device used by men to manage bladder leakage that can give you back your dignity and put money back in your pocket!
Unlike an adult diaper or pad, Men’s Liberty will keep moisture away from your skin and help prevent incontinence associated dermatitis, urinary tract infections, and pressure ulcers.

Revolutionary Design

Features a completely external design that fits comfortably and discreetly inside your underwear or shorts.

The Smart Alternative

Replaces diapers, condom catheters and medically unnecessary Foley catheters.

Little to No Out-of-Pocket Cost

Covered by Medicare, , VA/TRICARE, Workers Compensation and over 3,000 private insurance plans across the U.S.

Secure and Reliable

Gentle seal allows for up to 24 hours wear time with no leaks.