Men’s Liberty: 2014 Customer Service Survey.

Good day my friends! Today I have some exciting news for you all and the best part is; you played a part of it. So thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s annual Men’s Liberty customer satisfaction survey.

We love hearing from you any time of the year, but so many of you took our survey on Men’s Liberty – we were absolutely overwhelmed with information. We’ve had a few weeks to distill it all now and I wanted to share the result with all of you!


I learned a lot reading your responses – some of it was new information and some reinforced what I already knew. For example, 75% of you used absorbent pads, diapers, briefs or pull ups before trying Men’s Liberty. You made the leap to a different device that is covered by Medicare – congratulations! Bet it feels good to keep those dollars in your pocket! The rest of you used condom catheters (10%), indwelling catheters (6%) and some of you used nothing at all – a startling 9%.

And it looks like we’re making some progress on key issues – more than 90% of you have a doctor that is aware of your bladder leakage and/or urinary incontinence issues. This is fantastic news because this indicates to us that more men are getting out there and talking about this issue with their doctor, which is the first step in getting help to manage your urinary incontinence.

93.3% of you said that your customer care representative is helpful and polite. And 9 out of 10 people agreed that Men’s Liberty was clearly explained to you before you ordered. Even better, 86% of you are satisfied with the performance of Men’s Liberty in managing your urinary incontinence. And of course, for those of you who were less than satisfied. I’m taking a long, hard look at what we can do better. Whether it’s adding staff so we can answer more calls during busy hours or changing how we explain things – we always want to do better for you!


Another interesting thing we learned was the average age of our patients. 37.3% of you were between the ages of 70-79; however, what was suprising was that 23.8% of you were under the age of 60. This shatters the misconception that incontinence is something that “only happens to old people”, when in fact incontinence is an issue that affects men of all ages.


Although the vast majority of you are satisfied with the performance of the Men’s Liberty, many of you also had suggestions on how we could improve your experience with the product. For example, many of you have experienced adhesion problems with the Liberty. And many of you would like to see a FreeDerm removal wipe included with your Men’s Liberty. We greatly appreciate your suggestion and all of them are being taken into account. In fact, we’ll be doing a blog in the next few weeks on troubleshooting shorter wear times. And on easy fixes for common Men’s Liberty problems.


Finally, the best feedback we received (in my opinion) from this survey was that 90% of you said you would recommend Men’s Liberty to someone dealing with incontinence. This is and AMAZING number.

We want to hear from you so if you didn’t get a chance to participate – don’t wait for the next survey. Get involved today! Send us an email, leave a note in the comments, post about us on Facebook. Reach out and we’ll be there to listen and to help. Thanks so much for all your feedback.

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