Along The Learning Curve

If you haven’t viewed the Men’s Liberty’s video blogs, you don’t know what you are missing. In my case, I thought I knew everything after the first attachment of Men’s Liberty. What’s to learn? The directions are on the package, right? Why would I need information such as: the importance of drinking lots of water, or patient satisfaction? There are over fifty Men’s Liberty’s video blogs covering all kinds of questions that you might not have even considered. Wendy calls it the learning curve. When I started using Men’s Liberty, I confess, I didn’t read the directions.

Learning curve

Consider the type of shower soap. The directions suggest that I use a non-oil base soap. Did I follow the directions? No. I already told you about losing my Men’s Liberty bag next to the fresh blueberries. But I’m not that fast on the learning curve. Sometimes, I make the same mistake twice, just to be sure it’s wrong.

Two days later, while standing in the check-in line at my doctor’s office in a crowded waiting room, I felt the unit slipping down my pant leg. I knew what was happening and (casually) reached down, caught the bag as it was sliding out the cuff and placed it in my pocket. I used the restroom to drain and clean the unit, put on an emergency absorbent and placed the unit in my pocket. Since I was visiting my primary care doctor, I figured I’d demonstrate.

“How does it work, Sam?”

“It works great as long as I follow directions. I need to use non-oil based soap.”

Men’s Liberty’s video blogs

I returned home and watched the first video several times to be sure I understood how to attach the unit. In the process, I discovered the video blogs. Do you know the answer to the five myths about urinary incontinenece? Treat yourself to an “Ah-Ha” experience and start your journey along Wendy’s learning curve.