You are not alone

Did you know that the National Institutes of Health estimates that rates of incontinence in U.S. males over 20 range between 15 and 24 percent? Over 5 million men in the United States are living with men’s urinary incontinence every day. Many of them are enjoying vibrant, active lives. You can too, with Men’s Liberty.

What are the causes of men’s urinary incontinence?

There are many reasons for incontinence. These range from prostate trouble, medication, traumatic injury, neurological disorders and obesity. No matter the cause managing incontinence has never been easier. Men’s Liberty offers worry free, stress free options that give you the freedom to golf, work, camp, dance and more. Do what you did before, despite incontinence, with Men’s Liberty.

Are you aware that urinary incontinence can be invisible?

You probably know men who are also experiencing incontinence. The good news is you can’t tell. Gone are the days when men have to suffer in soggy, odorous adult diapers. Men’s Liberty is discreet and convenient. No one can tell you are using it, and with up to 24-hours of worry-free wear, incontinence won’t be always on your mind either.

Enjoy your usual activities

Men’s Liberty has developed a unique external collection system, so men can continue to enjoy their masculine vitality. We have shipped more than 5 million units with zero attributable incidents of adverse effects. Men’s Liberty is safe, convenient and easy to use. Do what you love with confidence.

Incontinence is common

The National Institutes of Health reports that rates of incontinence among men are increasing. Whether you have been newly diagnosed or have been managing incontinence for some time, know that you are not alone. It is still possible to enjoy life without worry about leaks or accidents. Be confident with Men’s Liberty.

Men’s Liberty is here to help

Give us a call today to get started. Men’s Liberty is effective for all types of male anatomy. Apply easily and empty at your convenience. You’re in control. We accept more than 3,000 insurance plans including Tricare and Medicare. You may qualify for Men’s Liberty at little or no out of pocket cost. We can even assist with insurance forms. Don’t let incontinence keep you from the things you enjoy. Men’s Liberty is your partner in freedom.