Most common infections from loss of bladder control – Here are some common infections found from incontinence 


Yeast infections

Certain kinds of incontinence management systems put the skin at significant risk for infection. Absorbents and condom catheters, for example, expose the skin to too much moisture. Yeast or candida thrives in warm, moist conditions and when left untreated, can be painful. 

UTI or urinary tract infections

The male urinary system includes the kidneys, ureters, urethra, and bladder. Infection occurs most commonly when bacteria is introduced through the urethra.

Bladder infection

Men with certain health conditions such as kidney stones or enlarged prostate may be at higher risk of bladder infection, also called cystitis. In addition to pain or burning with urination, bladder infections may cause urge incontinence. One of the four main kinds of incontinence, urge incontinence is a strong sudden need to urinate. Sometimes the urge is so intense that urine is involuntarily released, or you have an accident. The other kinds of incontinence are stress (leakage or accidents with lifting, pressure or exertion) overflow (difficulty emptying the bladder completely) and mixed (combining symptoms of the previous types).


Infection of the urethra or urethritis can be caused by intestinal bacteria or sexual contact. Again, the frequent, sudden urge to urinate may lead to incontinence or night accidents.

Kidney infection

Kidney infections are an upper urinary tract infection resulting from bacteria in the bloodstream or the bladder.

Prostate infection

When the prostate becomes infected you may experience pain or burning with urination. It may also be difficult to empty your bladder completely. We call this overflow incontinence. In this instance, blockage prevents the free flow of urine. 


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