My Men’s Liberty™ does not stay on as long as it should. What can I do?

Men’s Liberty wear time

The hydrocolloid material used in Men’s Liberty is designed to adhere to your skin for up to 24 hours. If you have been wearing Men’s Liberty and now your wear time has reduced, there are a few things that you can check to ensure that you can regain a consistent Men’s Liberty wear time. 

Check your soap

When wearing Men’s Liberty, you keep your penis free of all moisturizers. If you have changed soap recently, ensure that it does not contain moisturizers. We recommend using Gold Bar Dial or Ivory soap when using Men’s Liberty. Any moisture on your skin will lessen the adhesion time of the hydrocolloid material.

Keep your penis dry

Men’s Liberty will not seal to your skin if it is damp. If you are unsure if your penis is completely dry, wait 30 more seconds to ensure that the area is completely dry before applying Men’s Liberty. 

Check for a leak

Make sure that you have a complete 360º seal during application. When applying, ensure that you cover the petals and the tubing completely with the faceplate seal. A leak can occur between the petals of Men’s Liberty, on top or below the penis. You can check for a leak by wrapping a colored tissue around the tip of the penis and periodically checking for a wet spot.

Ensure BioPlus+™ dries completely 

Every unit of Men’s Liberty comes with a BioPlus+ wipe. During the application process, BioPlus+ should be applied to the skin. BioPlus+ will feel sticky to the touch at first. You should wait approximately 30 seconds. BioPlus+ will no longer feel sticky. You should apply Men’s Liberty after the stickiness subsides. 

Always use BioPlus+

BioPlus+ wipe is essential to the application of Men’s Liberty. Make sure that you are always using the wipe before applying Men’s Liberty. 

Check for build-up

Even if you are using FreeDerm® to remove Men’s Liberty after every use, the hydrocolloid can build up on the skin. Take some time to spray FreeDerm over the entire tip and clean away any residue that might be left behind.

Switching between products

If you switch between incontinence products such as diapers and Men’s Liberty, you might experience a shortened wear time for Men’s Liberty. Many of the other products on the market introduce or trap moisture around the penis. The added moisture will shorten the wear time of Men’s Liberty. 

If you have tried all of the above solutions and are still experiencing a shortened wear time, the Men’s Liberty Team is available to help answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to give them a call at 800-814-3174 with any questions or concerns.