My One Year Check Up….

I visited my urologist yesterday on my one year check up. He wanted to know how I was getting along with my Men’s Liberty External catheter.  (When I saw him last December, I had just started wearing it.  I must have mentioned it, because he remembered.)

“There is a learning curve that took me awhile.  I tend to skip over directions. But, after a year, I’m very comfortable using it.”

I dropped my shorts and showed how it attached.  I also gave him a sample package.

“So, Sam, you are satisfied?” He asked me on my one year check up.

“Absolutely, Doctor K., It beats absorbents which I had to pay for. Medicare pays for these.”

*   *   *

My One Year Check UpI can’t see to attach the element.  She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed* (SWOMBO) is my caregiver and applies the element. (Wendy and Sarah taught me to say absorbent instead of diaper.  Lisa in shipping referred to the Men’s Liberty External Catheter as an Element which was an interesting choice.  No question about it…I have to lose more belly fat!  Exercise and diet… I can do this.

December marks:

  • my first year of wearing Men’s Liberty External Catheters.
  • one year along the learning curve. (There’s more to learn.)
  • a year of adjustment to medical/physical changes.
  • awareness of how much I’m not aware!

*SWOMBO – I’m thinking of putting that on her license plate for Christmas!

Have a healthful December.