Increase the ZZZZZ’s

night bathroom visits

night bathroom visits

Middle of the night bathroom visits can be a thing of the past with Men’s Liberty.

Sleep supports health

Adequate sleep offers many overlooked benefits. These include stronger immune system, better mood, less susceptibility to chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes, and clearer thinking. Yet most Americans get less than the recommended 7 to 8 hours sleep each night. Particularly if you are managing incontinence, you are likely among that number. Frequent middle of the night bathroom visits disrupt normal sleep patterns and have far ranging consequences for overall health.

Develop new sleep habits

There are things you can do to get more sleep. Follow the usual advice such as:

  • Use your bed only for sleep and sex.
  • Wind down an hour or so before bed (leave electronics out of this routine whenever possible).
  • Avoid alcohol close to bedtime (alcohol makes it easy to fall asleep but harder to stay asleep).
  • Create the right environment (appropriate darkness and temperature).
  • Get up if you are awake and restless (enjoy an activity such as reading or writing until you feel sleepy, then get back into bed).
  • Practice double-voiding to be sure your bladder is completely empty (urinate, wait a few minutes, then try and urinate again)
  • Practice Kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor. To identify the muscle, squeeze the muscles you would use to stop gas from passing. Alternatively, you can stop your urine midstream. Once you have identified the muscle, practice contracting it ten times in a row, up to three times each day.

Try Men’s Liberty

Men’s Liberty can also help you develop new sleep habits. You can skip middle of the night bathroom trips with our secure system. Apply Men’s Liberty in about two minutes and enjoy up to 24-hours of worry free protection. Connect to a bed bag at night for added capacity to eliminate the need for trips to the bathroom so you and your caregiver can sleep through the night. That means no more wet sheets or embarrassing night time accidents. You can sleep soundly with confidence that you will wake up dry every morning. Men’s Liberty makes things easier for caregivers too. Eliminate the extra work of middle of the night changes and morning laundry.

Sleep isn’t a luxury

Sleep is necessary for good health. Getting enough is one of the easiest things we can do to be our best. If middle of the night bathroom trips are getting in the way of adequate sleep, it is time to do something about that. Men’s Liberty has helped men across America start sleeping again and may be able to help you  finally get a good night’s sleep. Give us a call today to start getting the ZZZZs you need.