The Men’s Liberty Difference

A Device Like No Other

The discreet, dignified, dependable option.

When it comes to bladder leakage, there are many different options out there. But how do they stack up against Men’s Liberty? Our life-changing, male external catheter was designed to help men with urinary incontinence—no matter how old or young, no matter what the cause—regain their freedom and dignity.

Adult diapers can be uncomfortable or embarrassing but Men’s Liberty effectively directs urine away from the skin keeping you dry 24/7.

Unlike certain prescription drugs that promise to control your UI at the expense of possible side effects, Men’s Liberty is comfortable and sanitary.

Condom catheters can potentially cause irritation or infection, especially if there is already broken or irritated skin, Men’s Liberty is gentle and safe.

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The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Fits most male anatomy
  • Effectively directs urine away from the skin, which reduces the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Uses a skin friendly adhesive, not made with natural rubber latex
  • Forms a complete seal without “pop-offs”
  • Can be easily removed with our FreeDerm product
  • Wearable for up to 24 hours
  • Replaces diapers and saves caregivers from changing diapers multiple times a day
  • Covered in U.S. by Medicare, over 3,000 insurances, standard deductibles and co-pays apply
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