Resolve To Be Resolute


I am still trying to believe it is 2017. I remember when 2000 seemed a long way off. With each new year comes plans, resolutions, to-do lists, and the like as we make a renewed attempt to better ourselves and our lives. I know I do… the resolutions to lose more weight, pay off debts, eat better, take on a new project, sound familiar? The hard part is always following through. Mustering will power for any challenge in life is the real challenge itself. We love it when our favorite athlete scores a touchdown or gains a knockout. We cheer and shout as they seem to conquer their opponent with ease and power.


What we do not realize is that victory was not won in that monumental moment, but long before, in little moments, moments when no-one was looking, no cheering crowds, no fancy uniforms, no cold drinks, no rub-downs or massages. That victory was won in painful increments, cold and snowy morning runs, sweltering hot wind sprints, blisters, bruises, broken bones and teeth, beat-downs, and even losses. Maybe even the laughter and mockery of haters, or the lack of support of family and those they look up to. These are the moments when the victory is truly accomplished.

At the risk of becoming an advice column… let’s rephrase… we call it an encouragement column. Either way you slice it, I hope you come away from reading this feeling motivated and ready to move the ball down the field of life. Maybe your reading this and you’re a new injury or diagnosis, or maybe you’ve been dealing with a physical issue for many years. No-one likes limitation, illness, or pain. It can lead to depression, tension in relationships, emotional breakdowns, and even more illness. It seems giving in to the familiar and comfortable makes us feel better. Fatty comfort foods, TV binging, and other addiction-forming behaviors can crop up, weakening us further, and providing only a short-term, superficial solution.

The first step

So this new season of 2017 I say to all of my cyber readers who may be struggling with the first step, GO FOR IT! Do you want to get in shape? Take the first step and look for a gym. Want to get smarter? Get a library card, or open an account. Want to eat healthier? Find a nutritionist. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Then… stick with it. Do ONE THING every day for twenty-one days and it will become a habit. Once a habit develops it becomes an instinct. When that change takes place those little victories become greater and greater.

Start letting your will power define you in 2017. Make it your best year yet. Resolve to be resolute in your resolution. Sound like a bunch of motivational mumbo-jumbo? Only if you talk yourself out of it. Believe, do, and move forward. I had a high school teacher who said that “Can’t never did anything”. I believe this to be true.

What’s your 2017 resolution? Do it.

Thanks for reading.

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