Risk Factors: What Kinds of Medical Conditions Can Put You At Higher Risk For Diabetes?

Risk For Diabetes

Diabetes increases the risk of a number of health problems, including incontinence. Despite growing awareness of associated complications, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes continues to grow. Are you at risk for diabetes? You may be if you have one of the following medical conditions.

High blood pressure

Your blood pressure should be no higher than 120/80. High or elevated levels place undue strain on your heart, arteries and veins. Kidney and heart failure are among the eventual complications of unmanaged high blood pressure. To reduce or maintain healthy blood pressure: exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes most days; choose healthy foods, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lose weight if you are above a healthy weight for your body type. Talk with your healthcare provider about additional strategies, including medication to get your blood pressure under control. 

High cholesterol

High triglycerides and low “good” cholesterol increase the risk of diabetes. One way to get a handle on your cholesterol levels is by reading food labels. Many packaged foods include trans fats, avoid these. You should also aim to reduce saturated fats. These are in meat and dairy products. Fiber can help you increase your good cholesterol. Boost your fiber intake with beans, fruits and vegetables. Choose fish or consider an omega-3 supplement. And, you guessed it…exercise.

Other factors that increase your risk of diabetes…

Age: your risk increases if you are older than 45.

Mental health: having depression also increases your risk.

Obesity: Maintain a healthy weight to reduce your risk.

Why does this matter?

Diabetes can set off a cascade of health problems. The risk and severity of problems increases as the disease progresses. Among these is incontinence. If you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, do everything you can to manage or reverse the condition. If you are living with incontinence, Men’s Liberty gives you the freedom and confidence to do what you usually do. Call us today to learn about our safe, secure and easy to use option for male incontinence. Travel, work and play with Men’s Liberty. Our discrete system is the choice for millions of men. Men’s Liberty may be right for you too.