Self-catheterization side effects

Self-catheterization side effects

Self-catheterization or the placement of a tube to facilitate removal of urine from the body can be a convenient option for some. However, many people reject this option because the self-catheterization side effects often outweigh any benefits.

Self-catheterization side effects

Here’s what you need to know about some of the most common side effects.

Risk of infection

Risk of infection is significant with any invasive catheter. This is particularly true with self-catheterization because users do not always exercise the greatest care. For example, it is important to observe diligent safety management habits. Taking care to wash hands before and after catheterization, washing tubes thoroughly, ensuring no part of the catheter touches anything (especially the toilet when emptying) can all reduce, but not eliminate risk of infection.


Inserting the catheter can be very uncomfortable for most users. Experiment with types and sizes, and use lubricants to reduce discomfort. Breathe deeply and try to relax during insertion. Tensing up can increase pain and contribute to anxiety with self-catheterization.


Prostatitis is inflammation or swelling of the prostate gland, another side effect of self-catheterization. Symptoms include pain, swelling, fever and chills. Consult your healthcare provider immediately if you are experiencing any such symptoms.

Get secure protection with little risk of side effects

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Caregiving is easier

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