Sexual Identity is Not Lost with a Catheter

Sexual Identity

Tubes only assist bodily functions. They do not take away sexual desire or sexual function. That your catheter is applied on the most sensitive body area is only medical. Your body is still functioning normally. Maintain your sexual identity and enjoyment with these tips.

Be upfront

Many men with incontinence experience shame and sadness. These feelings are often driven by a perception that much is lost with the diagnosis. Such feelings are normal, and it is important to work through them with a loved one or healthcare professional. It can be helpful to regard incontinence as a change (rather than a loss). Working toward a positive attitude will help you come to acceptance, and make needed adjustments, more quickly. It will also allow you to embrace and express your sexual with greater confidence.

Get the facts

Most men are not able to urinate while they have an erection. You can make adjustments to reduce your risk of leaks or accidents during foreplay or just after sex. Immediate adjustments include:

  • Reducing fluid intake.
  • Avoiding alcohol and foods that irritate the bladder such as citrus or anything spicy.
  • Emptying the bladder just before sex.

These adjustments, made over time, can also help.

  • Lose weight if you are overweight.
  • Review and adjust any medications that may be contributing to the problem with your healthcare provider.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises

Go with the flow

An accident, if it happens, will not signal the end of the world. Everyone urinates. When it happens involuntarily the best thing to do is clean it up. In fact, you may want to plan ahead by using a protective covering on the mattress and keeping towels nearby. You may even want to use incontinence as your ticket to venture outside of the bedroom. Sex in the shower, for example.

Be creative

There is more than one path to satisfaction. Take the opportunity to explore and be creative. Men’s Liberty offers a unique, external catheter for discreet, worry-free wear. The collection unit sits inside your snug fitting underwear. You can choose to leave Men’s Liberty in place as you explore and make its removal a creative part of your encounter. Managing incontinence is your opportunity to confidently explore and expand your sexual identity.


Millions of men have regained their freedom and confidence with Men’s Liberty. Keep doing the things that matter to you, too. Give Men’s Liberty a call today.