Spinal Cord Injuries and Incontinence

Urination is accomplished via communication between the brain and the urinary system. That system is comprised of the kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra and sphincter muscles. Signals between the urinary system and brain must pass along the spinal cord. When spinal cord injuries disrupt this system of communication, the result is incontinence.

How spinal cord injuries (SPI) lead to incontinence

Involuntary responses continue after SPI. For example, the kidneys continue to make urine and that urine travels into the ureters and urethra. The brain and urinary system need no communication between them.

Voluntary responses do not continue after SPI. The brain must work with the sphincter muscles and bladder to recognize urge and fullness sensations. When this communication is disrupted the bladder may empty spontaneously (accidents) or it may not empty at all. If the bladder does not empty, there is a risk of distention. The bladder stretches to accommodate higher volumes of urine and negatively impacts the bladder muscle tone. There is also risk of reflux action; a life-threatening condition in which urine travels back into the kidneys and ureters.

Managing incontinence

It is important to work with your healthcare provider to manage incontinence. Doing so will greatly add to your quality and enjoyment of everyday life. Your doctor can help you understand about the latest surgical options, so you can make informed decisions based on your individual needs and goals. You may also want to try therapy and /or medication to manage incontinence.

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