Eat More Chocolate

Spinal cord injury with Caleb

My, oh my… where does the time go? It’s spring time in New York folks. Definitely something to celebrate after a very cold winter. The flowers are blooming, leaves are coming out on the trees, the garden is planted and I actually decided to write something. Which is scary because seeing as it is finally spring I don’t want to run the risk of hell freezing over. However, for the sake of all of you wondering what is going on with me that is a chance I’ll have to take.

It is now one year and a month since I began my weekly workouts at Push to Walk NJ. I made the trek Spinal injurytwice a week through the winter, but the drive itself is so tiring that two days was turning into four because of rest and swallowing up much needed gym time. So I’m back to one day a week and three days at the gym.

Spinal injury workouts

My workouts in New Jersey continue to be rewarding and frustrating at the same time. Progress measured in inches or less instead of steps, additional weight or higher reps. Sometimes I want to just break something or throw something or destroy a desk with a 9-Iron, but I keep cool and tell myself I love it. The tendons and ligaments in my knees are tight from years of sitting and while it feels great to stretch them when I stand, the spasms they trigger threaten to plunge me painfully forward face-first. Then there’s The Wall…

Wall exercises were developed by some sociopath who hates the human race. It works like this… you take someone with a high-level spinal injury (i.e. me) who needs to restore proper posture and spinal curvature… place them soundly on a therapy table, feet flat on the floor, sitting up… then a large wooden box is pushed up snugly behind you to simulate sitting flat against a “wall”.

The Wall

Then your trainer, who you’ve built up a year’s worth of trust and confidence in, who you love like your own, who you look to for support, encouragement, motivation and even a kind word puts you heartlessly through a series of stretches, calisthenics and balance exercises that make grown men cry and just wish mommy would hold them. You are literally shaking when you’re done. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit, but that sh-t f@*&!ing hurts. My new mantra is “I love the wall. The wall and I are one”. Inevitably someone will comment in that kindergarten teacher voice as they are oft wont to do “Oh, but it’s a good pain, be thankful you can feel it!” There is a special room in the deeper regions of Hades for you my friend.

Alright, enough of that. Actually, all in all I’m very good. My spine is responding well to these intense exercises. So well in fact that they are restoring a much more natural shape and posture. My big goal now is fitness and weight loss as I’ve been working very hard to eliminate sugar and sweets out of my diet. Note to self, chocolate is not your friend.

Stem cell treatment

We’re not sure when or where the stem cell treatment plateaus because it’s so new, but we are raising money and moving toward a second that promises to be more progressive than the first. Please remember we are still raising money and if you can help us we appreciate it so much. Other than the second treatment we are seeking to purchase a standing frame so I can stand every day, an electrical stimulation bike and an adapted weight machine all for our home. This will triple my amount of physical therapy and speed up my process. Thank you all for your continued support. Watch out for some cool news in the coming weeks. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to trashing what’s left of the Easter chocolate…Thanks for reading.