Stand Up for Heroes

Today, we have a story with a very happy ending to share with you. But not just a happy ending for Bob Woodruff, a very fortunate man who has created a foundation to help our great veterans that hosts “Stand Up for Heroes”, but also a story that just may have a happy ending for you as well!

A little background first…

Bob Woodruff was a reporter with ABC news, when in January of 2006, while covering a news story in Iraq, Bob and his cameraman Doug Vogt were struck by a roadside bomb. His injuries were traumatic – in fact for the first few days after the incident, almost all care providers were thinking that Bob wouldn’t survive.

Once Bob successfully made it past the golden hours, many said he may never walk again – or talk. Yet in a miraculous recovery, Bob returned to his duties at ABC News just 13 months later!

He went on to write a best-selling book about overcoming what seem like insurmountable hurdles, and that’s when he and his wife Lee decided to start a foundation to help our nation’s great veterans!  To help “heal the physical and the silent wounds of war – healing the mind, body and spirit – healing the families, couples and children”.

Their mission: To ensure that injured veterans and their families are thriving long after they
return home. To provide job training and mentoring programs – to provide OPPORTUNITIES!

Even while our troops are returning home to warm and gracious welcomes, veteran hiring is at its lowest point in history.  As Bob says “we seem to forget way too fast”, and he and Lee went to work to both find and fund programs focusing on 3 areas:

  • Rehabilitation and recovery
  • Education and employment; and
  • Quality of life

You can see the website right here:

Just yesterday, on November 6th, the Bob Woodruff Foundation presented an incredible event called “Stand Up For Heroes 2013”, an entertaining 3-hour fund raiser that included superstar entertainers that we all know –

  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Roger Waters
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Jon Stewart
  • Bill Cosby
  • And many others!

And already, the show is up in its entirety on YouTube. It’s almost a 3-hour event, and you can watch it right here:

By the way – the first 15 minutes of the video is thecountdown clock, so if you want, you can simply jump forward 15 minutes to catch the entire event!

In the 6 years that the Bob Woodruff foundation has been hosting the Stand Up for Heroes events, they have raised more than 12 million dollars, supporting almost 80 incredible and innovative organizations committed to helping our veterans.  Last night, the event raised more than $750,000!

We are so thankful to Bob and Lee Woodruff – not just for their continuing efforts to host the Stand Up events, but we discovered a VIRTUAL GOLDMINE while researching this blog.

On their site, there’s a page specifically designated to many different agencies and organizations that the Woodruff Foundation works with. While too many to list here, THIS IS IMPORTANT!! We all know at least one veteran who could use some assistance. Some of us know many.


Before we close, in our research, we discovered a very inspiring video. Check it out right here:

In closing, know that we are committed to our friends and clients, many of whom are veterans.  We are committed to being a reliable resource you can count on, and don’t hesitate to post your comments below! We love hearing from you!

In gratitude to all the great people who work at and with The Bob Woodruff Foundation!  We appreciate you!

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