The Diaper Dilemma

A diaper is simply not that attractive. And I’ll give the manufacturers some credit for improvements in the last 15-20 years. But let’s not pretend they’re exactly couture.

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New Diaper Quality Standards Try to Put Lipstick on a Pig

Just before the holidays, the National Association for Continence announced that they had finalized the recommendations for quality performance standards for disposable adult absorbent products. A 15 member council including representatives of all major absorbent manufacturers in the U.S., the non-wovens trade association, five state government agencies from all regions of the U.S., recognized nursing…

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What Adult Diaper Companies Don’t Want Men to Know…


Skin maceration, candidiasis, dermatitis,– all these are complications that you may be experiencing when using a brief, pad, or diaper for men to manage incontinence. Sounds nice and clinical doesn’t it? Get an infection; take a pill, problem solved right? *Caution: the post below contains some graphic medical images.

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