Take a Walk Without Worry!

Welcome back friends! Suddenly, it’s not Winter anymore!   We are running about 12 -20º above normal, which means we will be in the low eighties for March.  Our desert plants think it’s Spring!  Everything is blooming.  This is good walking weather. We like early morning walks while it’s still cool. Take a walk without worry with Men’s Liberty!

All we have to do is watch out for rattlesnakes, bears, javelinas and mountain lions!  Desert creatures enjoy the change in temperature.  The Sun comes up a little earlier each morning and the snakes come out.

We can spend an hour walking and enjoying the view!

Walking allows one the freedom to think.  Or, if you walk with a partner, there’s a chance for conversation and sharing our discoveries, observations and thoughts.  I know these pictures may not look like desert, but, believe me: we are in the desert.  Another month and the heat rises. Because it is important to keep hydrated, we always carry water with us.  Restrooms are conveniently located along the trails. Wearing a Men’s Liberty External Catheter allows for a long walk in one of our parks to be a joy, without having to worry about leaking.

That’s the main advantage of Men’s Liberty:  No worry!