Helping Your Husband Talk About Incontinence and Solutions

It can feel awkward to talk about urinary incontinence. We have so many (wrong) ideas about people experiencing incontinence. It can be helpful to begin with the understanding that incontinence is a medical condition. There are ways to manage it without complete life disruption. Finding a way to talk about incontinence is the first step.

Own your feelings

Begin by examining your own feelings. Maybe you are sad, frightened or even angry about whatever health circumstances have led to your husband’s incontinence. It is okay to talk about your feelings, but not if your intent is to criticize or scold. Instead, talk about how you would like to find ways to restore as much of the life you enjoyed as possible. Choosing to face and manage incontinence is an important part of doing this.

Starting the dialogue

Choose a time and place when you can relax and give each other your undivided attention. Some couples might sit down together at the table or sofa. Others might find this kind of concentrated attention unnerving. Be creative. Maybe you can talk as you tackle an activity. The busyness of the task, say, playing with the dog or gardening, can make it easier to push through those awkward feelings.

Use hopeful language

Incontinence is a manageable health condition. Use words like when rather than if. For example: when we learn about solutions, when we find the right management system, or when we travel, all communicate the changing nature of circumstance. You may not be able to do everything exactly as you did before, but you will have more options with good incontinence management.

Share what you know

Tell your husband about options you already know of that may be a good fit for him. Encourage him to learn more. Remind him of your support, love and care. Urinary incontinence can lead to depression or undermine a strong sense of self. Help your husband distinguish between what is happening in his body and who he is as a person.

Do Your Research

Understand what options are available. It can feel overwhelming as there are so many types of supplies available, but we group them into three primary types of solutions beyond Men’s Liberty:

 Talk About Incontinence

Be Patient

You may have to broach the subject a few times before your husband is willing to talk openly. Use humor where you can, and stay focused on the benefits of dealing with the problem. Leave brochures or fact sheets about solutions, and give your husband the space to read them when he feels ready. Continue to be patient, encouraging and supportive.

Urinary incontinence is a medical condition. Although it affects millions of men it can be hard to talk about. Remind your husband that he isn’t alone and there are good solutions like Men’s Liberty that fit his lifestyle. Men’s Liberty offers an innovative solution that immediately gives men back their confidence, freedom and masculine vitality. Open a chat or give us a call to learn more.