The Best Ways to Prevent And Relieve Stress Incontinence

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence can rob you of your peace of mind, independence, and productivity. Fortunately, Men’s Liberty offers one of the most innovative and reliable stress incontinence products to keep you dry and comfortable. This patented external urine collection device is a revolutionary external catheter

It directs urine away from your skin and works discreetly without hampering your normal life. Compared to traditional stress incontinence products such as condom catheters, adult diapers, and pads, Men’s Liberty adopts a whole new approach to managing male urinary incontinence. And the results are transformative.

In addition to using dependable stress incontinence products from Men’s Liberty, you should also consider the following ways to address the problem of male urinary incontinence.

Do the Right Physical Exercises

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You need to choose the appropriate physical exercises that help in reducing leaks. Sit-ups and other high-impact exercises can put extra pressure on your pelvic area, which may worsen the leaks. Therefore, replace these exercises with aerobics, jogging, and pilates. Pilates will strengthen your bladder muscle, which is particularly helpful in managing stress incontinence.

Avoid Smoking

Smokers will often be more susceptible to coughing. When you cough, it adds more strain to your pelvic muscles and causes urine leakage if you are already suffering from stress incontinence. Smoking also increases your risk of infections because nicotine interferes with the oxygen flow and gradually weakens your immune system. It would be ideal to quit smoking, especially if you have significant stress incontinence.

Lose Excess Weight 

If you are overweight or suffer from obesity, it will weaken your pelvic muscles over time and cause stress incontinence because of the constant pressure imposed by the fat deposits on your bladder. If you follow a balanced diet and a regular exercise regimen, you can manage to lose excess weight, which could help improve your symptoms of stress incontinence.

Treat Your Constipation

If you are constipated, you will strain your pelvic floor muscles while trying to relieve yourself. This will only worsen your stress incontinence over time. Improve your diet and lifestyle to combat chronic constipation. Add more fiber to your daily diet, and maintain an active lifestyle. Discuss with your doctor sustainable solutions to your constipation.

Cut Down on Alcohol and Caffeine

A higher relative amount of caffeine in your body could potentially irritate the bladder and worsen your male urinary incontinence. Consider switching to decaffeinated coffee, and try to replace fizzy sodas with herbal, fruit, and water-based beverages. In fact, alcohol is a known diuretic, and it could make you urinate more frequently. Cutting down on alcohol consumption could help relieve your symptoms.

Choose the Right Foods

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If you suffer from stress incontinence, you should try to minimize the intake of acidic and spicy foods such as citrus fruits and hot curries. These foods can cause irritation in your bladder and worsen your leaks or other symptoms. Talk to a nutritionist about the right choice of foods to improve your condition.

Use the Top-Rated Men’s Liberty Male External Catheter 

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