The First Signs of Incontinence

Signs of Incontinence

Changes in your usual urinating habits may indicate early signs of incontinence. Incontinence, or the involuntary release of urine, impacts more than 4 million men each year. The problem is not only common, it is also treatable. If you are starting to recognize signs of incontinence these tips can help.

Changes in urinating habits

You may notice differences in the way you void. For example, your stream may be weaker or harder to start flowing. You may also urinate more frequently, especially at night. Other signs of incontinence may include dribbling after you urinate, sudden urges to urinate or leakage with coughing, sneezing or lifting. If you begin to notice a pattern, talk with your healthcare provider to identify the problem and decide on the right treatment plan.

Managing incontinence

There are things you can do to minimize urgency and risk of embarrassing accidents. Being proactive can help you feel more in control. Try…

  • Double voiding – urinate as usual then wait a few minutes and try to urinate again. This strategy is helpful if you have difficulty emptying your bladder completely.
  • Spacing beverages – drinking large amounts of liquid at one time can overwhelm the bladder.
  • Avoiding irritants – things like spicy foods, citrus, caffeine and alcohol can worsen incontinence.
  • Planning ahead – incontinence need not keep you at home, but it does require a little extra planning. When you enter a restaurant, stadium, store or any other building, find out where the bathroom is before you need it. It is also a good idea to always urinate before you leave home or work.
  • Clearing the path – avoid spills during middle of the night bathroom trips. Dog toys, loose rugs and the like can cause you to take a tumble.
  • Remaining calm – panic and anxiety often worsen urge incontinence leading to more frequent accidents. Find ways to manage stress and when the urge to urinate comes, slow down and breathe deeply as you make your way to the bathroom.

Managing accidents

Feel more confident with a plan to manage leaks and accidents.

For light leaks

Light, absorbent pads can protect you from leaks and dribbles. These thin pads are designed to adhere to your underwear and protect against odor.

For more protection

Men’s Liberty offers a unique external catheter to give you up to 24-hours of worry free protection from accidents. Our discreet system is appropriate for all sizes of male anatomy. Travel, work and play with confidence. Men’s Liberty protects your skin from excess moisture buildup and helps you regain your freedom. If you are starting to recognize signs of incontinence, talk to your healthcare provider about how you’d like to try Men’s Liberty. We can handle all the paperwork with your doctor and insurance provider for you, so you can get back to your normal activities without worry about embarrassing accidents. ###

Supplements That Target Male Bladder Control  

They are out there. They might even help with things like daily workouts, but generally aren’t effective solutions for managing daily incontinence. Everyone wishes they had a magic pill for everything from weight loss to anti-aging and bladder control. So far, science has not been able to reliably or safely deliver on that wish.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

There is a new magic bullet on the market every week. Despite their big promises of miracle results, these products are often dangerous or just plain ineffective. The biggest problem is that supplements are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). That means consumers cannot be certain that the products contain the ingredients or dosage promised on the label. Moreover, these products have not been subjected to rigorous testing. There is no way to know what side effects you may experience.

If you choose to use supplements

Talk with your doctor. He or she can help you decide which products are best for you. You will also want to know, before you begin taking a supplement, how it might interact with any other medications you are taking. Note and report any concerns that arise to your doctor.

The placebo effect

Keep a log to determine how the symptom you are trying to manage is impacted by the supplement. For example, if you are using a supplement to reduce sudden urges to urinate, a bladder diary can help you track any changes or improvements. If you are unable to document any changes or notice unpleasant side effects, discontinue use.

Support you can count on

When you want to manage incontinence without side effects or worry about leaks or accidents, depend on Men’s Liberty.

Why Men’s Liberty?

Millions of men count on Men’s Liberty to carry on their normal daily activities with confidence. Men’s Liberty is different. Unlike condom catheters, our external catheter carries very little risk of infection. Men’s Liberty is comfortable, too. You apply it only at the tip (glands) rather than the shaft of the penis. Our skin friendly adhesive provides a sure seal that protects against leaks and accidents. Men’s Liberty is also covered by most insurance plans including Tricare and Medicare. Most men enjoy up to 24-hours of protection with little to no out of pocket cost. Men’s Liberty is also discreet and easy to use. If you are ready to get back to the things you enjoy, give us a call. Men’s Liberty has helped millions of men regain their independence. Find out if Men’s Liberty is right for you too.