The Overall Benefits of External Male Catheters

Benefits of External Male Catheters

An external male catheter is a simple yet highly effective urinary device. It aids in urine drainage from the body when you suffer from urinary incontinence. These external catheters come with an innovative design that avoids all the discomfort and complexities of an indwelling catheter (which is inserted into your bladder) or other products such as adult diapers. Here are the benefits of external male catheters!

Easy to Use

When you choose an external catheter for men, it will let you self-catheterize in a completely non-invasive way. And without requiring any help from a professional nurse or caregiver. The catheter will simply fit over your urinary opening and have a secure, skin-friendly seal around it.

Urine will continue to get collected in a small pouch that will discreetly fit inside your undergarment. When you choose a reliable and high quality external male catheter, you can be sure that it will securely hold the attachment in place while remaining gentle on your skin.

Benefits of External Male Catheters

Painless and Comfortable

An external catheter for men is a more conspicuous and comfortable option when compared to an indwelling catheter. When you use a good quality external catheter for male urinary incontinence, you will not experience any discomfort or pain throughout the time you are using it. As the unit is completely non-invasive and external, it fits conveniently over your urinary opening.

The external male catheter maximizes discomfort because no tubing will be inserted through the urethra. It will allow you to maintain quick and comfortable movement. And you can remove it as easily as you can wear it.

Discreet Urinary Device

Another benefit of an external catheter for men is that you can confidently wear it in a social setting without drawing unnecessary attention. The unique design of this urinary device ensures that it stays firmly in place and completely hidden inside your underwear while you are using it.

The device will not cause you to move or walk in any kind of awkward or embarrassing manner. You will not have to constantly worry about leakage. Or even worry about the device coming off while you are with other people. Moreover, when you are in public, and you wish to remove the device or empty its contents, you can simply go to a bathroom.

One Size Fits Most

When you purchase or use an external male catheter from a dependable and trusted company, you can be sure that their product will have a design that comfortably fit most men. You don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size or an ill-fitting device. The innovative product design will ensure that the device size and shape perfectly fit most people.

Relief for Your Caregiver

Depending on your age and condition, you may be seeking help from a caregiver for various chores and activities. When you are using a comfortable and secure external male catheter, it will reduce your need to ask for assistance when you want to use the toilet.

Benefits of External Male Catheters

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