The real cost of incontinence – News From Australia

Urinary incontinence isn’t limited only to the United States. Individuals all over the world deal with these issues every day. In support of World Continence Week, the Australian Physiotherapy Association, shared some surprising statistics about incontinence Down Under!

  • Incontinence affects almost five million Australians That’s one person in every four. That’s someone you know, or maybe it’s you.
  • Everyday 19 people in Australia undergo surgery to correct their incontinence.
  • The total financial cost to the country is $117 million (AUD) every day and $42.9 billion (AUD) every year.

But despite these statistics, there isa general reluctance by many to discuss the nature and gravity of these problems. While the life-altering issues experienced with continence concerns can be sensitive and awkward to talk about, it is by first normalising these worries, terms, and experiences that we can raise awareness, educate, and start talking about incontinence.

 So check out this awesome video about urinary incontinence in Australia. It’s powerful stuff!