The Ugly Truth About Diapers

sIt’s been a while since we talked about diapers…  Truth is, many of our clients find us due to all the horrible side effects created by wearing disposable adult diapers. So, let’s talk about the ugly truth about diapers.

Earlier this week, I asked one of my assistants to give me a handful of facts regarding diapers – beginning with the environmental impact of disposable diapers.

Do you have any idea how many disposable diapers are dumped into United States landfills each year?  This is shocking!  The Environmental Protection Agency reports that about 20 BILLION diapers are dumped into our landfills each year!  20 BILLION!!

That accounts for 3.5 million tons of waste each year!  That’s 7 BILLION tons of waste!

Have you ever wondered how many trees are lost each year, just for the manufacture of disposable diapers?  How about 200,000 trees EACH YEAR.  The average tree farm has 400 seedlings per acre (SPA), so that equals 500 acres per year.

Now 500 acres might not sound like very much, but think about it like this…  500 acres is the equivalent of 227 city blocks!

It also takes 3.4 billion gallons of fuel oil every year to make diapers.  Bottom line – disposable diapers use 20 times more raw materials, 2 times more water, and 3 times more energy to manufacture than what it takes to manufacture cloth diapers.

Bottom line:  Besides depleting tons and tons and acres and acres of our precious natural resources, manufacturing disposable diapers also utilizes a massive amount of energy sources that are non-renewable.

One final environmental factor:  Landfills.  Diapers do not degrade well in landfills for one very simple reason – they need to be exposed to oxygen and sunlight to decompose.  Because they’re typically buried, it takes the average disposable diaper right around 500 years to decompose.

Researchers are now discovering that our groundwater is being contaminated by the millions of tons of untreated waste, and that’s not taking into consideration the potential viruses inside those diapers.  That’s enough about disposable diapers environmental impact.

Let’s talk about something a lot more personal – the horrible side effects that we’ve seen and heard about from our Men’s Liberty clients who formerly wore men’s diapers.

The ugly truth about Diapers: Prices:

Very simply, have you seen the price of adult diapers?  We figured Walmart might have just about the lowest price out there, so here’s how it works out:  36 “maximum absorbency men’s diapers are $15.74.  That’s 43.7¢ each.

Most of our clients tell us they were wearing an average of 5 diapers / day prior to discovering Men’s Liberty.  At 5 diapers per day, that’s 150 diapers per month – basically 6 boxes.  That’s right around $90 per month in disposable diapers.

And here’s one more thing – most insurances don’t cover the cost of diapers.  But they DO COVER THE COST OF MEN’S LIBERTY!

The ugly truth about Diapers: Laundry:

No doubt about it – with diapers, there WILL BE LEAKS.  That means increased laundry expenses.

Shame and embarrassment:

With diapers, it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN…  There’s leaks and ODORS, neither of which are your friends.  With Men’s Liberty – no leaks and no odors.

Leaks and odors are the number 1 and number 2 factor for such drastic lifestyle changes in men wearing diapers.  As a result of those horribly embarrassing leaks and odors, some men literally become housebound, choosing never to leave the home again…  This is a horribly sad and ugly truth about diapers.  Yet…

One simple device is literally changing people’s lives – Men’s Liberty.  If you haven’t looked into Men’s Liberty, please, please, please – call our care team now!  800 814-3174


Who knows when we have to change our diapers?  It makes being out in public quite problematic.  Plus, who wants to carry spare diapers everywhere they go?

The ugly truth about Diapers: Skin problems:

When something moist or wet stays against our skin, it guarantees rashes.

Constant exposure to moisture can cause skin breakdown, and rashes are just the beginning…  What about yeast infections, urinary tract infections, pressure ulcers, and on and on?

The Solution:

I think by this point, we’ve proven that adult diapers are not anywhere close to a solution.  Men’s Liberty is a much healthier option for managing men’s urinary incontinence – WITHOUT ALL THE COMPLICATIONS.

Call our care team today!  We’re here to help you in every way possible!  800 814-3174