This year in Incontinence

Welcome back everyone! This has truly been a great year for us at Men’s Liberty. We are growing in every way; from our dedicated team of employees to our growing number of patients around the world. Our blog and social followers are no exception, we have nearly doubled our Facebook and Twitter followers and our blog views continue to increase daily. To show our appreciation, we have assembled a list of the best blog posts from this past year. Check them out and thanks again for your support…we couldn’t do it without you!


Mythbusters: Urinary Tract Infections


Using all the right words, with all the wrong people.


Explaining the Men’s Liberty Learning Curve


Discover the Top 5 Internet Memes About Incontinence!


What’s so wrong with wearing adult diapers anyway? (VIDEO)


Understanding Spinal Cord Injury with Caleb: Part 2


Understanding Spinal Cord Injury: Part 3 with Caleb


Understanding Spinal Cord Injury: Part 4 with Caleb


Learning About Stem Cell Research and Spinal Cord Injury with Caleb


Las Celulas Madres – Stem Cell Treatments with Caleb


67% of Caregivers say Managing Incontinence is Hardest Medical Task!


Learning About Stem Cell Research and Spinal Cord Injury with Caleb


What Would You Do with an Extra 16 Hours a Week?


Four Tips for Talking to Your Patients about Incontinence


Wee Answer Wednesday: Neurological Disorders & Incontinence


Wee Answer Wednesday: Quality of Life Month with Men’s Liberty


Wee Answer Wednesday: Questions from Men’s Liberty Training



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